Clinical Associate Professor Board Certified
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tunc Tiryaki is a world-renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon and Chair of the Humanitarian Programs of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons). He is the founder of the Tiryaki Clinic in Istanbul and a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Cadogan Clinic in London. Dr. Tiryaki has for many years focused on stem cell studies. He is a pioneer in regenerative surgery and one of the first to apply mini facelifts supported by the patient’s own stem cells that produce a younger but natural-looking appearance with no visible scars. Thanks to his incredible work, Dr.Tiryaki was named one of the ‘BEST FACELIFT SURGEONS IN THE UK’ by Tatler Magazine.

The idea of re-discovering the edges of science for every patient each time made me a plastic surgeon

T. Tiryaki     

The idea of re-discovering the edges of science for every patient each time made me a plastic surgeon



His specialized and
Individualized Technique

The research and study of Regenerative Medicine and Therapy in the plastic and reconstructive surgery which he has initiated with his father, Prof. Dr. Demir Tiryaki has featured him as the one of the numbered authors of the world.

Dr. Tunc Tiryaki is highly esteemed and preferred in İstanbul and London for his specialized techniques of the ‘Mini Lift’ which is a painless and fast natural face lift procedure that does not require general anesthesia.

Moreover, the micro-lift, a technique Dr. Tunc Tiryaki developed and named, enables plastic surgeons globally to perform a face lift with minimal scarring and thus the patients experience a much faster recovery process.

Beside his work on facial aesthetic rejuvenation, he developed and applied a faster and safer technique for abdominal aesthetic surgery. The term ‘Inverse Abdominoplasty’ is commonly referenced to by plastic surgeons from his aptly- named book for this cutting-edge abdominal beautification.

Dr. Tiryaki is also a consultant and instructor for many silicone implants as well as stem cell research and development companies.

Dr. Tiryaki lectures at numerous conferences globally and he has workshops that illustrate his techniques quarterly.


‘Going to a plastic surgeon isn’t only about trying to combat ageing.
It is also about having confidence and self-respect.’

Suspension techniques is another crucial subject that Dr. Tunc Tiryaki highly attaches importance to. Considered as one of the numbered surgeons on this
subject across the world, he states: ‘You will face two interrelated problems if you want to stop ageing. The first one is osteolysis and the second one is
slackening of the face skin, resulted from osteolysis. These two problems should be resolved together or simultaneously. Thus, you will obtain a more
natural and permanent result. Autologous tissues or stem cells should be injected to recover the loss of bone tissue. However, the skin should be
repositioned to its previous place with the Micro Lift operation for a better and long-lasting result, without any cuts.’ Dr. Tunc Tiryaki performs these operations
with his patented and sui generis technique to order to offer more refreshed appearance and natural contour with minimum discomfort.

Turn back the clock 10 years
and see a natural-looking and
beautiful you in the mirror.’

Turn back the clock 10 years
and see a natural-looking and
beautiful you in the mirror.


Mini Facelift

Rediscover a younger you with the best in modern facelifts

Dr. Tunc Tiryaki is one of the world’s pioneers of mini and hybrid facelifts. His approach incorporates sedation instead of general anaesthesia and his innovative surgical technique minimises downtime, meaning a quick and easy return to your daily life. Regardless of whether you have advanced or early signs of facial ageing, Dr. Tunc Tiryaki will recommend the least aggressive approach to addressing your concerns, always giving priority to achieving natural-looking results.

During the consultation, Dr. Tunc Tiryaki will carefully evaluate your face and suggest a bespoke and appropriate method. Depending on your individual needs, he may recommend tissue replacement and regeneration, a mini facelift, or a hybrid facelift.

Breast Augmentation

Be confident in your natural-looking, proportionate figure

Many women desire larger breasts, whether they seek to restore volume lost after weight loss or pregnancy or to boost their confidence by achieving a more proportionate breast size. Breast augmentation adds both volume and shape to the breast, creating a result that looks both beautiful and natural. Using 3D imaging,

Dr Tiryaki can help you choose the right implants for your needs and aspirations.

Tummy Tuck/ Abdominoplasty

Achieve beautifully toned abs with absolutely minimum pain

 Weight changes or pregnancy can cause abdominal laxity, stretch marks, and excess skin that cannot be reversed even through intense exercise or strict dieting. An abdominoplasty can restore slackened muscles and remove excess fat and skin to create a beautiful, toned stomach in less than two hours.

Having published one of international textbooks on abdominoplasty, Dr Tiryaki is an expert and mentor in this field. Inverse Abdominoplasty, his specialised method utilises a cutting-edge anaesthetic technique for the muscles that ensures totally pain-free results and most importantly an aesthetically supreme waist definition, a more muscly appearance and a better reverse lifting of the groin.

Toxin Treatments

Reduce the telltale signs of facial ageing in 10–15 minutes

 Wrinkles, fine lines, and creases on the face, particularly on the forehead and around the eyes, are a concern for many patients who are hoping to reduce the appearance of ageing. Toxin Treatments, or botulinum toxin, is a powerful muscle relaxant that can temporarily limit local muscle movement, effectively smoothing out the wrinkles and fine lines caused by the contraction of the mimic muscles in the face.  Toxin Treatments is an FDA-approved product that has been used for many years in the treatment of various medical conditions, and has been safely applied for aesthetic purposes for the last 10 years.

 Applied appropriately by an expert, Toxin Treatments can help patients achieve a natural and vibrant appearance.



‘My father always told me that the best thing you can do in life is to
change something for the better.’

Dr. Tunc Tiryaki is the Chair of Humanitarian Programs at the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), and founder of ISAPS-LEAP
Surgical Relief Teams that conducts volunteer reconstructive surgery operations all around the world. He has personally joined surgical volunteer
missions to countries including Kazakhstan, Georgia, Syria, Jordan, Sudan; he also led emergency rescue missions during the 1999 earthquake and the
2011 earthquakes in Turkey.



Dr. Tunc Tiryaki is frequently sought after by the media as a respected expert

As a world-renowed plastic surgeon, outstanding educator, and a medical authority for many cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Tunc Tiryaki has been honored
with extensive press coverage for his award winning commitment to regenerative treatments and plastic surgery.


+44 7552 239 903

120 Sloane Street, Chelsea

London SW1X 9BW

+90 212 282 95 95

Harbiye, Maçka Cd. No: 17/A, 34360


+44 7552 239 903

120 Sloane Street, Chelsea

London SW1X 9BW

+90 212 282 95 95

Harbiye, Maçka Cd. No: 17/A, 34360