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 MR. Tunc Tiryaki

Mr. Tunç Tiryaki is a plastic surgeon and Director of Cellest Plastic
Surgery Clinic in Istanbul and also a plastic surgery consultant at Cadogan Clinic in London
Mr. Tiryaki, the chair of the Humanitarian Programs of ISAPS, (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons),
is considered to be one of the best pastic surgeons in the world.
Having many international publications, book chapters and patents in plastic surgery, Dr Tiryaki is also the editor
of the recent international plastic surgery textbook ‘Inverse Abdominoplasty’

Your neck and chest area will go back in time with your own cells. What does it do? Treatment reduces wrinkles and sagginess, volumising and stretching the…

Reversing the effects of aging on the back of your hands is possible using your own cells. Who is it for? Tissue loss with the natural aging process causes…

Your face is renewed in the healthiest and most natural way with stem cell rich tissue injections. Stem Cell Treatments (or Cell-Enriched Facial rejuvenation)…

For many years Mr Tiryaki has pioneered the use of stem cells derived from fat tissue. These techniques are at the forefront of aesthetic surgery and are currently used on the hands, face, neck and chest areas.

You can both get rid of your excess fat and have full and firmer breasts with stem cell application on your breasts.Breast Augmentation – Reconstruction Stem..

Your stem cells are derived from the fat tissue in your body, replenishing and rejuvenating you into your most natural and healthiest self.

Your hair rejuvenates and strengthens using your own cells.
Who is it for? Stem cell treatment on hair aims to eliminate fragility and prevent hair loss…

Turn the clock back 5 years on your face in just 20 minutes. This can be achieved by an easy procedure only under local anaesthetia. Micro Lift…

For those young and lively looking eyes again. Blepharoplasty is a procedure used for genetically inherited of age-related eye deformations and the procedure..


Revolutionary technique of Mr. Tiryaki for less-invasive 10 minutes nose-job, no anesthesia, immediate reshaping of your nose with a suspension in the office

Turn back the clock 10 years and see a natural-looking and beautiful you in the mirror. What is a Mini Face-lift? A mini-facelift is a much lighter less…

It is natural during face-to-face conversations for our gaze to naturally hover between the eyes and lips of the other persons face. As the nose becomes one…

For the most natural-looking nose to suit your face shape. The aim of Rhinoplasty is to reshape the nose to perfectly suit the proportions of the face. The…

You too can have a natural looking nose that perfectly suits your face shape. If the overall bone structure and shape of the nose is good, but the patient…

Restore what time has taken away, naturally. Fat Injection is a simple procedure that is usually recommended for patients in their late 30’s with a loss of…

No need to hide your ears! No visible scars either… Ear Aesthetics technically known as Otoplasty are performed to realign or remodel the ear into a more…

Enjoy natural looking breasts that are proportionate to your figure with only a tiny scar. Whilst there are many different reasons for sagging breasts..

Natural looking breasts in perfect proportion with your figure. Breast Augmentation has advanced significantly in the last 10 years with improvements in..

Breast Reduction surgery is aimed at reducing the breast volume to achieve an ideal breast shape. The procedure is always performed under general anaesthesia…

Look masculine and feel confident again with a simple operation. Occasionally breast tissue and fat deposits in men can enlarge resulting in the appearance…

There is no need to suffer the pain of missing breast tissue after traumatic surgery. Following breast trauma or removal due to congenital reasons…

Achieve the perfect workout tummy after the operation with no pain at all. An endoscopic tummy tuck is generally performed on younger patients who have been…

Achieve the perfect workout tummy after the operation with no pain at all. The inverse abdominoplasty is performed when both the skin and abdominal muscles…

Liposuction helps you break free from local fat deposits and regain your ideal body shape. Liposuction removes local fat deposits and reshapes the body..

You will have young and natural looking buttocks that are totally in balance with your shape. Buttock contouring is used where the volume of the buttock…

This procedure is ideally suited to a patient who is looking for very subtle changes of their nose. A patient with a slight hump or imperfect profile may…

As with all other organs our skin changes with time. Progressively we start having frowning lines and forehead wrinkles. These mimic lines occur over the…

Wrinkles on the forehead, around the eye and the glabellar areas develop due to mimic movements. The solution is the treatment of Botulinum Neurotoxin A which…

The lips are maybe the most important part of a woman’s face. They show your emotions, share your expressions and radiate your mood. They represent…

Filler is performed to fill deep wrinkles or on areas of tissue loss. The aim is to add volume to provide a more youthful and beautiful appearance Hyaluronic…

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Levent Mahallesi. Lale Sokak. No:7, 34330 Beşiktaş/Istanbul



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