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Mr Tunç Tiryaki, Plastic Surgeon

Mr Tiryaki is named one of "The best facelift surgeons in the UK" by Tatler

Mr Tunç Tiryaki is a world-renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon and Chair of the Humanitarian Programs of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons). 

His commitment to advancing medical science led him to establish the  London Regenerative Institute and the renowned, Tiryaki Clinic in Istanbul alongside practising as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Cadogan Clinic in London. 

In the press

Mr Tunç Tiryaki is frequently sought after by the media for his expert opinion.

As a world-renowned plastic surgeon, outstanding educator and a medical authority for many cutting-edge techniques, Mr Tiryaki has been honored with extensive media coverage for his award-winning commitment and exceptional contributions to the regenerative medicine field.


BBC talks to Mr Tiryaki about Stem Cells

As a world-renowned plastic surgeon, outstanding educator and a medical authority for many cutting-edge techniques...

Mr Tiryaki at TEDxAthens

From Vampires to Stem Cells and Exosomes: The Human Quest for Longevity...

Mr Tiryaki talks to Forbes

Through pioneering research alongside his father, Prof. Demir Tiryaki, Mr Tunç Tiryaki has earned global recognition...

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Specialised and Personalised Technique in Plastic Surgery

Through pioneering research alongside his father, Dr Demir Tiryaki, Mr Tunç Tiryaki has earned global recognition as a leading figure in regenerative medicine and therapy. Renowned for his specialised techniques like the 'Mini Lift' and 'Hybrid facelift,' a stem cell-assisted deep plane facelift technique which he pioneered and named, he's internationally recognised for natural results and fast recoveries. Additionally, his innovative work in abdominal aesthetic surgery, notably the 'Inverse Abdominoplasty,' sets industry standards. Serving as consultant and instructor for prominent silicone implants as well as stem cell research and development companies, Mr Tiryaki shares his expertise through global lectures and workshops, showcasing his groundbreaking techniques.

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Clinical Associate Professor, Board Certified Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon

For many years Mr Tiryaki has focused on stem cell research, with a particular emphasis on its application in cosmetic procedures.. He is a pioneer in regenerative facelift surgery and one of the first to apply mini facelifts supported by the patient’s own stem cells to achieve a rejuvenated, yet natural aesthetic, devoid of visible scarring. His innovative approaches and meticulous results have seen him consistently recognised in the Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide as one of the foremost practitioners in the field.  

Beyond his clinical work, Mr Tiryaki is  the Founder and Chairman of Mage Biotechnologies, where his visionary leadership continues to drive forward the frontier of medical innovation. His groundbreaking inventions including Lipocube Systems and Morphiya Exosome Systems epitomise his commitment to pushing boundaries and innovating the field of regenerative medicine.

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Going to a plastic surgeon isn’t only about trying to combat ageing. It is also about improving confidence and self-esteem

Suspension techniques hold paramount importance for Mr Tunç Tiryaki.Considered a global authority on the subject he believes that combining osteolysis (bone loss of degradation) and  and subsequent skin laxity necessitates a simultaneous approach.  

By integrating autologous tissues or stem cells to address bone tissue loss and executing the Micro Lift operation for skin repositioning, a more natural and long-lasting outcome is achieved, without visible incisions. Leveraging his patented technique, Mr Tiryaki ensures patients achieve a refreshed, naturally contoured appearance with minimal discomfort.

Published Works

The research and study of Regenerative Medicine and Therapy in the plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery which he has initiated with his father, Prof. Dr. Demir Tiryaki has featured him as the one of the numbered authors of the world.

Mr Tunç Tiryaki is highly esteemed and preferred in Istanbul and London for his specialized techniques of the ‘Mini Lift’ which is a painless and fast natural face lift procedure that does not require general anesthesia.

Moreover, the micro-lift, a technique Mr Tunç Tiryaki developed and named, enables plastic surgeons globally to perform a face lift with minimal scarring and thus the patients experience a much faster recovery process.

Fighting Ageing is not about Vanity, it is about Human Dignity.

Mr Tiryaki is the Chair of Humanitarian Programs at the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), and founder of ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams that conduct volunteer reconstructive surgery operations all around the world. He has personally joined surgical volunteer missions to countries including Kazakhstan, Georgia, Syria, Jordan, Sudan; he also led emergency rescue missions during the 1999, 2011 and 2023 earthquakes in his native Turkey.

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