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Repair damage, boost growth  with cutting edge aesthetic surgery

Mr. Tiryaki is a pioneer in the use of stem cells derived from fat tissue. These treatments are at the forefront of aesthetic surgery and are effective in treating a wide range of complaints, including soft tissue damage, asymmetries, radiotherapy burns, and unhealed wounds. 

A less invasive option than other reconstructive techniques, stem cell treatment allows the patient to return to normal life immediately after the procedure.

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Surgery Time

1.5 - 2 hours

Recovery Time

3 - 4 days

Key Information

3 weeks of special bra use

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are cells that have the ability to indefinitely reproduce and transform themselves into every type of cell in your body.

When your body is young it contains many stem cells, but with age the number of stem cells tends to decrease in many areas, limiting the body’s ability to renew and repair itself. By introducing new stem cells, which are derived from the patient’s own fat, we can encourage regeneration in areas that have been damaged by age, injury, or stress.

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Tap into the body’s innate ability to regenerate to achieve long-term solutions

Why should I consider stem cell treatment for my breast reconstruction?

Stem cell treatment has been used for breast aesthetics for years. Compared to other methods, it has a shorter healing process with less discomfort and comparable aesthetic results.

Stem cell treatment is suitable for patients who have had some or all of the breast removed due to breast cancer treatment or who have damage from radiotherapy.

As the fat used in the procedure is harvested from the patient’s body, an adequate supply of excess fat is required. Mr Tiryaki will discuss with you how and where the fat can be harvested from your body during your consultation.

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Stem Cell Treatment for Reconstruction with Mr Tunç Tiryaki

Mr Tiryaki successfully applies stem cell therapy producing great results with regards to reconstruction.

Setting the bar high, Mr Tiryaki has a professional stem cell engineering strategy to treat body parts

affected aesthetically or functionally by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities or trauma.

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Where can you use your own stem cells?

Stem cells, which can be harvested under local anaesthesia, can be used:

  1. In the rejuvenation of your face.
  2. On your neck and chest area in order to correct age-related tissue loss.
  3. On the back of your hands to treat the ‘marbled’ look that appears with age due to tissue loss.
  4. On your scalp, in order to return strength and health to weak, dull hair.
  5. On the breasts for reconstructive purposes.
  6. For the treatment and cure of radiotherapy injuries.
  7. For the treatment of unhealed wounds.
  8. For any other soft tissue irregularity or asymmetry.

What are other indications for Stem Cell treatment?

Stem cell treatments are particularly effective for treating medical problems such as radiotherapy burns and unhealed wounds. Congenital skeletal defects, trauma-related soft tissue injuries, face and body asymmetries can all be improved by stem cell treatment. Wounds from diabetes, heart disease, or vascular problems can also be treated in this way.

How long is the recovery time?

The healing process usually takes from five to seven days. Most patients can return to their daily life in one to two days, but intense physical activities should be avoided for two weeks. For certain procedures, where liposuction amount is large, a compression garment must be worn for three weeks following surgery.

Guidelines for Surgery

  • The following guidelines apply for all types of surgery
  • You should stop using all kinds of blood thinners.
  • You should stop smoking within two weeks following the operation.
  • You should not do any activities that will increase blood pressure
  • You can take a shower the day after the operation.
  • You can use ice for the first three days to calm any oedema (swelling and fluid gathering in the injected areas of the breast).
  • You should avoid sports for the first two weeks following your operation.
  • You can return home the same day.
  • You can return to all their daily activities within 1 to 2 days.
  • This operation is performed under sedation or local anaesthesia or sedation.
  • The operation takes 1-1.5 hours.
  • There will be no visible scars and no pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with all surgical procedures, patients must abstain from taking blood thinners and limit both alcohol consumption and smoking as much as possible. Ideally, a patient should abstain entirely from smoking and drinking alcohol in the last couple of days preceding surgery.

Most patients can return to their daily activities within one or two days, but sport and other intense physical activities should be avoided for two weeks following the operation. You may experience some swelling at the injection sites in the first few days; this can be treated with ice. For certain procedures, a compression garment must be worn for three weeks following surgery. As with all surgical procedures, you should stop smoking for the duration of the two weeks following the operation, and you should not participate in any activities that will increase blood pressure.

There is generally no pain, though there may be some soreness and swelling. No rest period is needed following treatment and patients may immediately return to their daily routines.

When fat is injected as plain fat tissue, much of the tissue is processed by the body and lost after a few weeks. This means that the result may be unsatisfactory unless the process is repeated frequently. Stem cells are more dynamic compared to regular cells and adapt easily to any application site, where they thrive and immediately help to rejuvenate the area. Stem cell enriched fat will remain for much longer, and its regenerative abilities will also improve the quality of the skin. This is why stem cell treatment is considered longer-lasting and more effective.

The advantage of stem cell treatment over Fibrogel is that the injected fat tissue repairs and replaces the tissue at the injection site more rapidly and for longer periods of time. While stem cell treatment can be completed in a day and results are immediately visible, Fibrogel treatment requires a three-week delay between when the cells are harvested from behind the ear and when the injection can take place. This is because the cells need time to reproduce. Fibrogel is also more suited to treatment of the skin, while stem cell treatment is intended for the treatment of both skin issues and sub-dermal tissue loss.

Because the procedure uses the patient’s own cells, there is no risk of an allergic reaction.

Any surgery carries a small risk of complications or side effects. However, there are no side effects associated with stem cell treatments in particular. The stem cells are derived from the patient’s own body, so there is no risk of rejection.

The benefits of the injected stem cells are lifelong. At least 50 percent of the fat injected during the process is permanent.

Depending on the needs of the patient, it is possible to treat more than one area with stem cells at the same time. Many patients choose to combine face, neck, and chest treatments.

Stem cell treatments can be done either in a hospital or in a clinic with an experienced team, depending on the scope of the procedure. Breast augmentation or reconstruction must be carried out in a hospital since the procedure is done under sedation or general anaesthesia. Stem cell treatments for the hair, hands, face, neck, and chest can be performed under sedation or local anaesthesia in a clinic or in a hospital.

Because of the nature of the fat derivation procedure and the influence of hormones, treatment is not recommended during pregnancy or during the breastfeeding period.

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