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Leadership in Humanitarian Efforts

Mr Tunç Tiryaki is the Chair of the Humanitarian Programs Task Force at ISAPS,  The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

In the world of medical humanitarian efforts, ISAPS Humanitarian Programs stand out for their commitment to promoting reconstructive surgery missions all around the world. Additionally, ISAPS Humanitarian Programs are a testament to the profound impact of plastic surgeons in critical response scenarios.

Mr Tiryaki’s first-hand experience during the catastrophic 1999 earthquake in Turkey solidified his belief in the indispensable role that plastic surgeons play during such emergencies. The disaster response by Mr Tiryaki and his colleagues not only provided immediate life-saving interventions but also highlighted the broad scope of plastic surgery, extending far beyond aesthetics to encompass vital reconstructive work in times of dire need.

Dual Purpose of ISAPS

For Mr Tiryaki, ISAPS serves a dual purpose: offering essential care to those most in need and reshaping the public image of the plastic surgery profession. By engaging in humanitarian missions, ISAPS demonstrates the extensive surgical training and expertise of its members, aligning public perception with the reality of the profession’s comprehensive skills.

ISAPS members are encouraged to participate in the humanitarian efforts. In his leadership role, Mr Tiryaki also emphasises the importance of community within the profession. He envisions a unified network of plastic surgeons committed to disaster response and education, especially in developing countries. By fostering a collective approach, he seeks to magnify ISAPS’ impact on humanitarian efforts worldwide.


Call to Action

The call to action is clear: those with the capability to make a difference have a responsibility to step forward, with every member's expertise being a potential lifeline in future crises.

Inspired by the work of Mr Tiryaki and ISAPS? Whether you want to learn more about our humanitarian efforts or wish to book a consultation, we are here to assist.

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