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Professional Credentials

Mr. Tunç Tiryaki holds esteemed positions as a board-certified plastic surgeon and Clinical Associate Professor. Renowned for his pioneering contributions to regenerative medicine, Mr. Tiryaki brings a sophisticated blend of skill, scientific curiosity, and compassion to his practice. 

His extensive training and decades of experience have established him as a leading figure in both the academic and practical realms of plastic surgery.

Innovations in Regenerative Medicine

As the Chairman of Mage Biotechnologies, Mr. Tiryaki leads the charge in the innovative field of regenerative medicine. His work focuses on developing cutting-edge, minimally invasive procedures and cell-based therapies that significantly advance patient care. These innovations are designed to reduce recovery times and improve the long-term health outcomes of patients, reflecting his commitment to enhancing life quality through scientific advancement. His notable achievements include multiple patents and a vast array of scholarly articles that contribute to global medical practices and understanding.

Tunç Tiryaki’s pioneering work in regenerative medicine and his humanitarian efforts embody his commitment to enhancing lives through advanced science and compassionate care.

Global Humanitarian Initiatives

Mr. Tiryaki’s compassion extends far beyond the operating room. He serves as the Chair for Humanitarian Programs at the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), where he oversees efforts to provide critical surgical care in areas impacted by war or natural disasters. Through his leadership of the ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams, Mr. Tiryaki has been instrumental in delivering vital medical interventions to underserved populations worldwide. His work not only restores physical appearance but also rebuilds the spirits and lives of those he helps, affirming his belief in surgery as a service to humanity.

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Entrepreneurial Leadership

In addition to his clinical pursuits, Mr. Tiryaki is a dynamic entrepreneur who has founded numerous ventures that merge biotechnology with practical healthcare solutions. His role at Mage Biotechnologies exemplifies his innovative approach, focusing on therapies that combat both the internal and external signs of ageing. This holistic perspective is part of a broader vision to enhance the dignity of life through advanced science, proving that his entrepreneurial ventures are not just businesses, but beacons of transformative healthcare practices.

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Impact and Philosophy

The scope of Mr. Tiryaki’s influence is vast, stretching from the meticulous detail of surgical techniques to broad-spectrum initiatives that impact global health standards. His career is a testament to a life dedicated to the betterment of human health through continuous innovation, education, and compassionate outreach. Whether through his surgical expertise, academic contributions, or humanitarian efforts, Mr. Tiryaki’s work consistently strives to enhance the human condition.

Mr. Tiryaki’s philosophy intertwines medical excellence with a profound commitment to improving lives, reflecting a unique blend of technical prowess and deep humanitarian commitment. His life’s work demonstrates that true medical progress comes not only from new techniques and technologies but also from the compassionate application of these advancements to help people live better, fuller lives.

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