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Pioneering Regenerative Medicine

Mr Tunç Tiryaki is the founder and director of Mage Biotechnologies and London Regenerative Institute.

Mage Biotechnologies leads the frontier of regenerative medicine with a dedication to practical and innovative approaches towards longevity. The focus of the company, under Mr Tiryaki's guidance, is to develop treatments and products that enhance the body's natural healing processes and improve quality of life as we age.

Innovative Contributions in Regenerative Medicine

Central to Mage Biotechnologies' research efforts are two of Mr Tiryaki’s significant contributions to the regenerative field: Lipocube and Morphiya. Lipocube represents a step forward in utilising adipose-derived stem cells for regenerative purposes, offering a less invasive alternative to traditional procedures. The device reflects the practical application of regenerative medicine. Morphiya is an extension of Mage Biotechnologies' commitment to innovative science, offering skincare products that incorporate the latest in biotechnology. Mr Tiryaki's involvement in the development of Morphiya is indicative of his holistic perspective on regenerative care, seeking to provide a range of products that support skin health at the cellular level.

A Legacy of Innovation

Through Mage Biotechnologies, Mr Tiryaki continues the legacy of his father, Professor Dr Demir Tiryaki, once a world-famous leader in the fields of molecular biology and biophysics, and channels his expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery into a focused pursuit of longevity and cellular rejuvenation. At Mage, regenerative medicine is not just a field of study but a practical tool to enhance quality of life. The work is centred around the premise that modern medicine can, and should, do more than just delay the inevitable: It should aim to rejuvenate, to restore, and to renew.

Driving Innovation and Excellence in Regenerative Medicine

Mr Tunç Tiryaki's entrepreneurial endeavours at the London Regenerative Institute (LRI) represent a drive to develop and apply advanced therapies that promote healing and rejuvenation at a cellular level. At LRI, innovative research, clinical expertise, and a patient-centred approach create an environment where the potential for regenerative healing becomes a reality.

Both Mage Biotechnologies and LRI are centres of progress and excellence in the quest for longevity. Their aim is to make regenerative medicine accessible and achievable, reflecting a dedication to continuous innovation. Mr Tiryaki’s is committed to not just enhancing the aesthetic appeal but to fundamentally improving the functional vitality of the body and advance regenerative possibilities of science.

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