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Treatment Introduction

Experience a revolutionary change with Mr Tunç Tiryaki's Micro-Facelift, a modern anti-ageing procedure that offers long-lasting results. Unlike temporary solutions like thread lifts or suture suspensions, the Micro-Facelift uses permanent sutures to maintain a youthful appearance in the long term. This quick, minimally invasive procedure, often referred to as the 'one-stitch facelift,' is designed to subtly lift and rejuvenate facial tissues.

Performed under local anaesthesia or sedation, it ensures minimal downtime, making it an ideal choice for busy individuals. Mr Tiryaki, a pioneer in this technique, focuses on natural-looking results, whilst tailoring each procedure to the individual's facial structure and ageing concerns. Rediscover your youth with this elegant solution for facial ageing, which effectively banishes sagging and restores volume, especially in the cheeks, neck and jawline.

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At a glance

Surgery Time

30 to 45 minutes

Recovery Time

Typically one week

Key Information

Invisible incisions, permanent results

Before & After Micro-Facelift or One-Stitch Facelift

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What is a Micro-Facelift?

The Micro-Facelift by Mr Tunç Tiryaki is a cutting-edge procedure distinct from other minimal-invasive techniques like cosmetic thread lifts or spider webs. It involves a small, discreet incision typically located behind the ears through which internal tissues are carefully adjusted using permanent sutures. This technique ensures the results are not only instant but also durable, providing a significant improvement in facial aesthetics without the need for extensive surgery.

The procedure is usually completed within 30 to 45 minutes under sedation or local anaesthesia, making it an efficient solution for those seeking quick and effective facial rejuvenation. Additionally, Mr Tiryaki often enhances the outcome by combining the lift with fat injections to restore lost facial volume, further improving the overall youthful appearance.

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Mr Tiryaki’s Micro-Facelift offers numerous benefits, including a subtle lift and rejuvenation of facial tissues, minimal downtime, and long-lasting natural results. This quick, minimally invasive procedure is ideal for busy individuals seeking effective anti-ageing solutions.

What are the benefits of a Micro-Facelift?

Mr Tiryaki’s Micro-Facelift offers a host of benefits, making it a popular choice for those aged 35 to 50 looking for subtle yet effective rejuvenation. The procedure targets slight sagging in the cheeks, neck, and jawline, delivering a firmer, more youthful look without the tell-tale signs of major surgical intervention.

The recovery is quick, typically within a week, allowing patients to resume their normal activities promptly. The invisible incisions and absence of visible scars ensure that the enhancements appear entirely natural. This technique not only lifts but subtly alters facial contours, providing a refreshed and revitalised appearance.

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Why do people have a Micro-Facelift?

Individuals choose the Micro-Facelift for its swift, noticeable results and minimal recovery time. It is especially suited for those who notice early signs of ageing and wish to address these changes without undergoing extensive facelift surgery. The procedure is ideal for busy professionals or anyone seeking a quick cosmetic enhancement with durable results. Mr Tiryaki's patients appreciate the procedure's ability to deliver natural-looking results that do not alter their fundamental appearance but restore their youthful visage.

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Who is suitable for a Micro-Facelift?

The Micro-Facelift is best suited for men and women typically between the ages of 35 and 50 who are beginning to experience facial sagging but do not yet require intensive surgical intervention. It is ideal for those looking for a quick and effective solution to reverse the natural signs of ageing with minimal downtime and lasting results. Mr Tiryaki carefully evaluates each candidate to ensure this less invasive procedure can meet their aesthetic goals.

What does a Micro-Facelift involve?

Mr Tunç Tiryaki’s Micro-Facelift involves a small, precisely placed incision behind the ears to access and adjust the underlying facial tissues. The procedure typically lasts between 20 to 45 minutes and is performed under local anaesthesia or sedation, depending on the patient's comfort and the complexity of the procedure.

During the surgery, Mr Tiryaki uses permanent sutures to reposition and secure the facial tissues, providing an immediate lift and subtle enhancements to the facial structure. Post-procedure, patients may experience mild discomfort, which is easily managed with over-the-counter painkillers. The recovery is swift, with most individuals returning to their daily routines within a week.

Micro-Facelift Recovery

Recovery from a Micro-Facelift is remarkably quick, with most patients fully recovering within one week. Initially, patients may notice minor bumps or dimples at the surgical entry points; however, these typically resolve within a few weeks. Some individuals might experience temporary headaches, but these are manageable with over-the-counter painkillers and usually subside quickly.

The procedure’s reversibility is an added benefit, providing peace of mind to those apprehensive about surgical outcomes. Mr Tiryaki ensures that each patient receives comprehensive post-operative care instructions to facilitate a smooth and efficient healing process.

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What are the risks of a Micro-Facelift?

The Micro-Facelift, while less invasive, carries minimal risks such as slight bruising, swelling at the incision sites, and temporary headaches. Due to the expertise of Mr Tiryaki and the procedure's minimally invasive nature, significant complications are rare.

Any minor discomfort typically resolves quickly and can be effectively managed with simple painkillers. Mr Tiryaki discusses all potential risks during the consultation, ensuring that patients are fully informed and comfortable before proceeding with the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Minimal; incisions are tiny and hidden behind the ears, typically healing without visible scarring.

The improvements are long-lasting however, ageing will continue naturally.

Routine skincare, fillers and anti-ageing treatments including lasers, peels and RF microneedling can complement and prolong the results.

Avoid blood thinners and smoking for two weeks before the procedure; follow any specific instructions from your surgeon.

Follow your surgeon's guidelines, which typically include keeping the head elevated, using cold compresses to reduce swelling and taking prescribed pain relief if necessary.

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