Liposuction helps you break free from local fat deposits and regain your ideal body shape.

“Liposuction helps you break free from local fat deposits and regain your ideal body shape.”

Liposuction removes local fat deposits and reshapes the body to better proportions.  It can be performed under local anaesthetic or sedation and depending on the number of areas being treated procedures can take between 45 and 90 minutes to perform.

In most cases the surgery is painless and initial recovery takes place over 2-3 days after which a compression garment is worn for a further 3 weeks.

Why is Liposuction so effective?

After adolescence, the number of fat cells in the body does not change.  The process of Liposuction reduces the number of fat cells in the desired area, changing the contours of the body and preventing the area becoming deformed by fat again. The most common areas for Liposuction include the Tummy, Hips, Buttocks and Thighs.

What is the process of Liposuction?

Liposuction is the extraction of local body fat by vacuuming (using thin cannulas).  As a skilled surgeon Dr Tiryaki can use this process to reshape the body to a more attractive shape.

The effects of Liposuction are immediate and recovery is relatively quick with little or no post-operative discomfort felt.

Who can have Liposuction?

Anyone in good health can be a candidate for Liposuction and during consultation Dr Tiryaki will advise the patient on their suitability.  Age does have an impact on the possible outcome of Liposuction as with age skins starts to lose its elasticity and therefore its ability to adjust to the newly slimmed shape.  In these instances a skin “lift” may be required in combination with the Liposuction.

Guidelines for surgery

The following guidelines apply for all types of surgery

  • Use of all blood thinners should be stopped (under guidance from Dr Tiryaki)
  • Smoking should stop from the date of the operation until 10-14 days after the treatment. Any activities that will increase blood pressure should also be halted.
  • You will be able to return home the same day
  • This surgery is performed under general anaesthetic or sedation
  • Initial recovery takes 2-3 days
  • Compression garments to be worn for 3 weeks after surgery
  • Any post-operative discomfort can be managed using simple painkillers
  • Light exercise can be resumed after 1 week
  • As the incisions are very small, no scarring is left after recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no specific issues to consider before a liposuction surgery. There are no medications or special diets to follow. As with all surgical procedures generally, patients should abstain from using blood thinners, limit drinking alcohol and smoking as much as possible and ideally, stop altogether in the last couple of days before the surgery.

Liposuction surgery is not recommended for people with diabetes, severe heart and lung problems, and circulatory problems. It may also be risky for those who have had surgery in the past close the area where the procedure is going to be performed.

The special compression garment given to the patient after liposuction should be worn for 2 to 3 weeks. There is no serious feeling of pain after the surgery, but any minor pain can be relieved with mild painkillers. In this surgery, the patient’s social life is not affected and the patient can return to work in a couple of days. After one week, it is even possible to start light exercise.

There are no risks in repeating liposuction surgery but given the results are permanent even if the patient gains weight, the excess weight will distribute evenly and the operated area will never need to have a re-operation.

In liposuction operations, the fat cells are permanently removed from the body. If the operation is performed after a correct diagnosis, a correct examination and a correct technique, the result is permanent. The shape of the body will stay the same if weight is gained and in the areas where liposuction is applied, the fat deposits will be at minimal level and evenly distributed.

There are no problems in combining liposuction surgery with other operations. The right options will be decided between the doctor and patient during consultation.

Contrary to common assumption, liposuction is a painless procedure. Since the entrance points are applied with fine cannulas, only tiny incisions form in the operated area and any pain that can be felt by the patient can be relieved easily with simple painkillers. Since the incisions are tiny, no scars are left afterwards.

Liposuction can be performed in any season. However, the usage of the compression garments after the surgery may be uncomfortable for patients who need to be outdoors in extreme hot weather. If the healing period can be spent in a cool environment, there are no issues to consider. Swimming in the sea or a pool is not a problem after liposuction surgery.


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