Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

There is no need to suffer the pain of missing breast tissue after traumatic surgery.

“There is no need to suffer the pain of missing breast tissue after traumatic surgery.”

Breast Reconstruction

Following breast trauma or removal due to congenital reasons, mastectomy or lumpectomy it is possible to rebuild the breast replacing missing tissue and reshaping the breast to achieve a natural shape. This in turn restores confidence and self-esteem after what has often been a traumatic experience.

Breast reconstruction usually takes less than three hours and Dr Tiryaki will advise the patient on exactly how long the surgery is likely to take and the techniques that will be used during the reconstructive process.

Breast reconstruction is performed under general anaesthetic and it is common for the patient to remain in hospital overnight.

Recovery times are good with initial dressings being removed after three days, support or sports bras will need to be worn for at least three weeks following the surgery.

What methods are used during the reconstructive process?

There are a number of options that can be used during the reconstructive process.  These methods can be used in isolation or combination in order to achieve the optimum outcome.

Factors that influence the options available to Dr Tiryaki include the amount of skin available, the overall condition of the remaining breast tissues, the size and shape of the remaining breast and the overall condition of the operating area.

In each case, Dr Tiryaki will discuss which options can be used to achieve balanced and natural looking breasts. This may include the use of tissue expanders, silicone prosthesis and harvested tissues and fats from the patient’s body (including the use of stem cell treatments where appropriate – see stem cell treatments for further explanation)

Guidelines for surgery

  • The following guidelines apply for all types of surgery
  • Use of all blood thinners should be stopped (under guidance from Dr Tiryaki)
  • Smoking should stop from the date of the operation until 10-14 days after the treatment.Any activities that will increase blood pressure should also be halted.
  • In most cases you will be expected to stay overnight
  • This surgery is performed under general anaesthesia
  • Scarring underneath the breast is to be expected, although over time this scars become much less visible.If additional incisions are required Dr Tiryaki will discuss these with the patient during the consultation process
  • Any post-operative pain felt is usually moderate and can be managed using painkillers. Any discomfort should subside within a few days.
  • Patients can begin to shower after 2-3 three days (once the initial dressings have been removed)
  • Bruising and oedema is to be expected
  • A support or sports bra will need to be worn for at least three weeks after surgery, and Dr Tiryaki will advise the patient of the most suitable type
  • Driving should be avoided for the first 10 days after surgery
  • Sometimes a revision or second procedure is required to create symmetry between the reconstructed breasts.
  • Exercise can usually be resumed 3-6 weeks after surgery, under advisement from Dr Tiryaki
  • Regular breast exams are recommend following the procedure to ensure overall breast health

Frequently Asked Questions

Before a reconstruction following breast cancer, the condition of the patient is evaluated with the general surgeon and oncologist. It is important that the breast reconstruction surgery is performed at a time that is appropriate for the patient. As with all surgical procedures generally, the patient should avoid taking blood thinners, limit drinking alcohol and smoking as much as possible and ideally, stop altogether in the last couple of days before the surgery.

After a breast reconstruction surgery, the patient can begin to exercise after 3 to 6 weeks. It is very important to have regular breast examinations after surgery.

The results of breast reconstruction surgery are permanent. A revision or a second operation might be necessary to obtain a perfect symmetrical result.

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  1. I had breast implants about 30 years ago they now have tears both breasts
    One of them I discovered after I found a lump has ruptured through the side not cancer I had ultrasound
    I would like to have the implants removed and replaced
    I would like to have this done in Turkey
    How can I proceed
    Thank you

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