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Regenerative Facial Surgery

Book Review of: Regenerative Facial Surgery

Regenerative Facial Surgery, edited by Cohen et al, is an insightful look at the current and future application of regenerative science in facial rejuvenation. The text flows smoothly as it takes the reader through historical foundations, emerging research, and critical understanding of the anatomic components of facial aging. This landmark work demonstrates a thoughtful blend of how time-tested techniques can be paired with the blossoming field of regenerative medicine to achieve natural results. As discussion, research, and ultimately incorporation of anti-aging medicine and regenerative science comes to every day clinical application, the authors have crafted a remarkable textbook that facilitates knowledge and sparks interest in this growing frontier of aesthetic surgery.


The text takes the reader through the important background and science of regenerative surgery to set the stage for how this field can expand over time. The chapter on exosomes is beautifully written and provides detailed descriptions that help synthesize the concepts into an array of potential practical applications that will continue to evolve and bring advances to many disciplines of medicine. Of the many strengths of this text, the wonderful illustrations and videos foster learning about macrofat, millifat, and nanofat and how their utilization in both deep and superficial spaces can be safely accomplished to yield transformative results. The refinements in skin care recommendations are soundly based in science and invite deeper thoughts into biocustomization of skin care.

The authors have provided detailed descriptions of both general applications as well as dedicated chapters to their own individual techniques. The video content has been brilliantly curated to complement the text and fosters multimodality learning with vibrant images, clear audio, and educational perspectives that will allow surgeons to incorporate regenerative facial rejuvenation into their daily practices. The detailed descriptions of new equipment and instruments specific to the procedures are clearly notated and can be searched and ordered without excessive detective work. This superb work can only be made better with time and subsequent editions will continue to build on the burgeoning knowledge and practical applications in this field.


For recent graduates and experienced surgeons alike, Regenerative Facial Surgery facilitates understanding, implementation, and execution of procedures in the field of regenerative and anti-aging medicine. In years to come, this text will serve as a foundational work cited across multiple specialties and will always remind us that we are both scientists and surgeons.

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