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Everything You Need to Know About Face Lift Surgery

Thanks to today's advancements in medicine, significant solutions have emerged for various problems, including facelift surgery.

Often regarded as aesthetic surgery, facelift surgery is a medical necessity in some cases. It's important to note that facelift operations are not only performed on women; many men also undergo these procedures.

Facelift surgery is generally performed to lift and tighten loose, sagging skin on the face, providing a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Face Lift Surgery: Who Can Benefit?

Facelift procedures are suitable for a wide range of individuals, making it unrealistic to set a clear age range. When someone feels they have an aged, tired, and sagging face, they consult with a plastic surgeon who determines the necessary procedures.

The surgeon evaluates whether the individual truly needs plastic surgery or is experiencing psychological distress. Many people also seek facelift procedures after significant weight loss to address sagging skin.

What is a Face-Lifting Band?

Thanks to modern technology and science, nonsurgical treatments have become available, including the popular face-lifting band.

This band aims to achieve results similar to surgical face-lifting without the need for surgery. It helps prevent sagging skin on the face.

Face-lifting bands can be purchased from online shopping sites and medical shops, but they only provide temporary solutions. It's essential to consult with a physician before using a face-lifting band to avoid potential discomfort or ailments.

Is It Possible to Lift the Face Without Surgery?

Nonsurgical face-lifting procedures are a common query among individuals seeking facial rejuvenation. However, face-lifting bands should not be the first option that comes to mind.

Procedures such as Botulinum toxin type A, fillers, laser treatments, and cellular therapy are more reliable nonsurgical face-lifting options.

These procedures must be administered by an expert in a hygienic and well-equipped environment to avoid infections and other health risks. It's important to note that nonsurgical face-lifting results are not permanent, typically lasting 8 to 16 months, after which a new procedure may be necessary.

How Long Does Face Lift Surgery Last?

Facelift procedures include both nonsurgical and surgical options. Nonsurgical face-lifting results typically last 8 to 16 months. In contrast, surgical face-lifting can rejuvenate the skin for an average of 6 to 11 years with proper planning and execution by a skilled plastic surgeon.

The longevity of the results also depends on the individual's lifestyle. Avoiding excessive smoking, alcohol, and stress, and maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise can extend the results of facelift surgery up to 10 years.

Common Myths About Face Lift Surgery

There are many myths about facelift surgery. For example, some believe that a single facelift operation means they will never need another. This is incorrect.

The success and longevity of face lift procedures depend on the individual's adherence to their plastic surgeon's recommendations and maintaining a disciplined lifestyle. A plastic surgeon can also provide diet and exercise plans to help extend the benefits of the surgery.

How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

If non-surgical face-lifting procedures or face-lifting bands do not provide satisfactory results, undergoing face-lift surgery is a logical choice. Sometimes, facelift surgery is performed not just for cosmetic reasons but also as a necessary treatment.

During the consultation, the plastic surgeon examines the patient's face to identify deformities and areas of concern. Surgery planning often involves examining the patient's youth photos to determine the areas that need lifting and tightening. The plastic surgeon then informs the patient about the process, and a mutually convenient surgery date is scheduled.

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