Stem Cell Treatments / Reconstructive

Stem Cell Treatments / Reconstructive

Stem Cell Treatments / Reconstructive

For many years Mr Tiryaki has pioneered the use of stem cells derived from fat tissue. These techniques are at the forefront of aesthetic surgery and are currently used on the hands, face, neck and chest areas. They can also be used on hair, breast augmentation and reconstruction and produce natural looking results.

What are stem cells?

They are cells which can continually renew themselves by their ability to indefinitely reproduce and transform themselves into every type of cell in a living organism. Whilst the body is young, it holds a sufficient number of cells, with age the number of cells decreases locally. By introducing new fat derived stem cells into these areas, you are experiencing an “inoculation of youth”, regenerating the desired area.

Where can stem cells be used?

  • In the rejuvenation of the face
  • On the neck and chest area correcting age related tissue loss
  • On the back of the hands to treat the “marbled” look that appears with age due to tissue loss
  • On the hair where it can retain and return week and dull hair to healthy and full bodied
  • In the breast during augmentation or reconstructive surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

PRP is the method where a certain amount of patient’s own plasma is put into a special tube, centrifuged and growth factors that are separated out of the blood cells are applied on the patient’s skin. On the other hand, the fat-derived stem cells method is the injection of stem cells after liposuction of the fat from patient’s body and cultivating it with certain procedures to produce the stem cells that produce those growth factors continuously. PRP treatment needs to be repeated in order to achieve the desired result. Stem Cell treatment is a one-time procedure. Depending on the area of application, add-on-therapies can increase the persistency.

Fat-derived stem cell treatment’s advantage over Fibrogell is that the injected fat tissue replaces the deficiencies of the skin rapidly and for longer periods of time. While stem cell treatment is applied the same day and clear results are visible, in Fibrogell treatment; a small sample of cells are taken from behind your ear and are reproduced in special conditions in the laboratory for 3 weeks. At the end of 3 weeks this material is injected to the patient in a clinical environment. Briefly; Fibrogell application is more skin oriented while stem cell treatment is intended for both skin and sub-dermal tissue loss

Since a person’s own cells are used, it is appropriate for any age group. Therefore, there is no minimum or maximum age limits for the stem cell treatment procedures.

Since the procedure uses patients’ own cells which are actually produced from their own body, processed and injected back, it involves no risk of an allergic reaction.

Following the treatment, no rest is needed. Patients can go back to their daily routines right after the procedure. Generally, no pain is felt.

No side effects are involved since the stem cells are derived from patient’s own body.

Depending on the needs of the patient it is possible to apply the treatment on more than one area. Most of the time a total cure of face, neck and chest areas gives effective results.

This depends on the area of application. It can be applied in a hospital as well as in a clinic with experienced and expert teams. Breast augmentation or reconstruction needs to be carried out in a hospital since the procedure is done on sedation or general anaesthesia. On the other hand, stem cell treatments on hair, hand, face and neck-chest areas can be applied with local anaesthesia in a clinic as well as hospitals.

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