Your face is renewed in the healthiest and most natural way with your own adipose-derived stem cells.

Regenerative surgery is an emerging field in medicine that uses the power of your own cells to rejuvenate your body. By applying stem cells to the face, we are able to delay and repair the effects of ageing, replenishing deep tissue volume and returning youthful elasticity to the skin.

Stem cells can also be used to treat facial soft tissue irregularities. With more than 20 years of experience in stem cell treatment, Dr. Tiryaki will ensure that your facial rejuvenation looks and feels completely natural.

I did not pay much attention to Google reviews until the stem cell therapy caught my attention and I started searching. I did cross-over search for several months. At the end, I met Dr. Tiryaki. Dr. Tiryaki does not prioritize the money, but the desires and goals of the patient. He is a doctor who can blends your desires and his suggestions at the consultation in a short time. The result is perfect. You will have naturally beautiful results with small touches in every treatment. Most importantly, when you look in the mirror, you always feel like this, because you know how you were in your younger ages. Thanks a lot Dr. Tiryaki. Best wishes for him and his expert team.

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While treatments of this kind originally used bone marrow, over the past 15 years fat tissue has become the preferred source for stem cells due to its numerous advantages.

Dr Tiryaki will harvest your own stem cells from your fat using tiny cannulas.

After a series of separation procedures, the potion of stem cells blended with your fat is injected into the face, and skin, regenerating the skin quality and replacing the volume that is often lost with age.  As the fat-derived cells are extracted from your own body, there is no risk of rejection or adverse reactions. The result is a natural-feeling transformation that will leave your face looking fuller and healthier.

Make a long-term investment in your face by opting for a long-lasting treatment.

Stem Cell Treatments with Dr. Tiryaki

During your consultation, Dr. Tiryaki will carefully evaluate your face and you will decide together which areas would benefit best from this treatment.

He will also discuss with you how and where the fat can be harvested from your body, it will be naturally removed from areas upon your preference.

How is a facial stem cell treatment performed?

A mini-liposuction using thin cannulas under local or sedative anaesthesia is used to harvest the necessary fat from your hips, abdomen, or thighs. Dr Tiryaki will help you determine which areas are best suited for this process. After the fat has been harvested, it will be processed to isolate your stem cells. These stem cells can then be transferred to your face. Since a very little amount will be harvested, usually there is no visible signs of fat harvesting on your donor area.

The stem cells will create a healing response from deep down in the bone up to the surface of the skin to regenerate and restore your face from the inside out. The whole process, including the harvesting, isolation of stem cells, and transfer to your face, usually takes around one to two hours.  As the fat used in the procedure is harvested from your body, a minimum adequate supply of excess fat is required.

Who should consider a facial stem cell treatment?

Patients seeking a natural way to rejuvenate and return youthful volume to their faces are ideal candidates for this treatment. Stem cell treatment offers a long-lasting solution for sinking or sagging. Patients who have burn or trauma scars, soft tissue defects, or congenital or acquired asymmetries are also likely to benefit. 

What are the advantages of stem cell treatment versus other alternatives?

Traditional alternatives to this procedure include implants, injectable fillers and lipofilling (also known as fat grafting). Facial stem cell treatment produces the same outcomes as these more established treatments, but with certain key benefits including:

Guaranteed natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing results.

Zero risk of rejection due to the use of your own stem cells, which are biocompatible and easily available.

Regeneration of the collagenous and elastic fibres in the face, combatting the fine lines that form with age.

The option to combine liposuction with your facial rejuvenation, allowing you to complete two aesthetically enhancing procedures in one treatment.

A longer lasting outcome.

How long is the recovery time for a facial stem cell treatment?

The treatment will take from one to two hours. After surgery, the areas used for the harvesting process (liposuction) may feel sore or bruised, and there may be some swelling. The face will also experience a small amount of swelling and possible bruising for about one-week post-op. The healing period is pain-free – the only discomfort may be a look of overfilled face for a few weeks. Both areas should recover quickly, and patients can usually return to daily life in only a few days.


The results will immediately look and feel completely natural, but the benefits of the treatment will take three to six months to fully emerge as the stem cells continually renew themselves. The rejuvenating effect of the stem cells should become visible starting from about one month after treatment.

Is it necessary to have multiple facial stem cell treatments?

The effects of a facial stem cell treatment are long-lasting, and about 50% of the injected fat is expected to remain permanently. However, it is possible to enhance the durability of the effects with add-on procedures, and you may choose to have another stem cell treatment after at least five to seven years have passed to maintain your ideal look.



The following guidelines apply for all types of surgery.
•You should stop using all kinds of blood thinners.
•You should stop smoking within two weeks following the operation. You should not do any activities that will increase blood pressure.
•You can take a shower the day after the operation.
•You can use ice for the first three days to calm any oedema (swelling and fluid gathering in the injected areas of the face).
•You should avoid sports for the first two weeks following your operation.
•You can return home the same day.
•You can return to all their daily activities within 1 to 2 days.
•This operation is performed under sedation or local anaesthesia or sedation.
•The operation takes 1-1.5 hours.
•There will be no visible scars and no pain.



As with all surgical procedures, patients must abstain from taking blood thinners and limit both alcohol consumption and smoking as much as possible. Ideally, a patient should abstain entirely from smoking and drinking alcohol in the last couple of days preceding surgery.

The operation will take one to two hours, and is performed under sedation or local anaesthesia. You may return home the same day.

You can shower the day after your procedure. Most patients can return to their daily activities within one or two days, but sport and other intense physical activities should be avoided for two weeks following the operation. You may experience some swelling at the injection sites in the first few days; this can be treated with ice. As with all surgical procedures, you should stop smoking for the duration of the two weeks following the operation, and you should not participate in any activities that will increase blood pressure.

No, stem cell treatment will not affect your facial expression.

Stem cell treatment is not a facelift method. Facelifts are surgical procedures and must be done in a hospital. Stem cell treatments can be done at a clinic. The stem cells will continue to rejuvenate your face as you age, meaning that the renewal of the face is a lifelong, self-perpetuating process.

When fat is injected as plain fat tissue, much of the tissue is processed by the body and lost after a few weeks. This means that the result may be unsatisfactory unless the process is repeated frequently. Stem cells are more dynamic compared to regular cells and adapt easily to any application site, where they thrive and immediately help to rejuvenate the area. Stem cell enriched fat will remain for much longer, and its regenerative abilities will also improve the quality of the skin. This is why stem cell treatment is considered longer-lasting and more effective.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a method wherein a certain amount of the patient’s own blood is put into a tube and centrifuged to separate out the platelets. The platelets are then injected into the patient’s body tissue, releasing growth factors that stimulate your body’s reparative cells. While this creates short-term benefits, PRP treatments need to be repeated in order to sustain the therapeutic effects. In contrast, stem cells continuously produce their own growth factors, meaning that one treatment produces lifelong benefits. 

There are no minimum or maximum age limits for stem cell treatment procedures. Dr. Tiryaki will help you determine whether this procedure is suitable for you.

The benefits of the injected stem cells are lifelong. At least 50 percent of the fat injected during the process is permanent.

There are no side effects. There is also no risk of an allergic reaction since the stem cells used are harvested from the patient’s own body.

There will be no visible scars, and you should not experience any acute pain. There may be some soreness and swelling.

Dermal fillers work in a similar way to stem cell treatment in that they also replenish facial volume. However, in contrast to the permanent effects of stem cell treatment, dermal fillers will need to be renewed regularly. Stem cell treatments do not work in the same way as injections like Toxin Treatments, which relax the muscles to reduce the appearance and formation of wrinkles and also must be renewed regularly.

Yes, stem cell treatment can be applied to any area around the face including the lips. Lips tend to become thinner with age, so lip procedures can be an important part of facial rejuvenation. Like traditional lip fillers, stem cell treatments for the lips increase volume and repair any fine lines in the area. Unlike traditional lip fillers, the results of a stem cell treatment can last for a lifetime.

Because of the nature of the fat derivation procedure and the influence of hormones, treatment is not recommended during pregnancy or during the breastfeeding period.

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+44 7552 239 903

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+90 212 282 95 95

Vişnezade, Acısu Sokak No:16/1, 34357