For a natural looking nose that suits the shape of your face.

The nasal tip is a common source of dissatisfaction in patients who hope to achieve an aesthetically pleasing nose shape without extensive surgery. Nose suspension procedures are recommended for patients who do not want to change the appearance of their nose completely but are concerned with a drooping nose tip or an especially long nose profile.

As a pioneer in this field, Dr. Tiryaki was the first to describe and publish nose suspension techniques,  also his expertise in this area is well documented. After a comprehensive nasal and facial examination, Dr. Tiryaki achieves the subtle or dramatic results with his specialized and individualized nose suspension technique he will apply.


I have seen Dr. Tunc Tiryaki for a possible rhino revision, which is another 2 hour general anaesthesia surgery.  The Rhinoplasty I had 10 years ago left me with an asymmetric nose bridge and a slanting tip from front view,  even though the profile looked perfect. Dr. Tiryaki assured me that a revision rhino was not necessary and it would carry many risks.  instead,  he gave me a 5 minute filler injection.  I could not believe how wonderful the result was, I would have never imagined this was possible. Apparently, a few sessions of filler with few months apart, will create a permanent outcome, as fillers are not totally self dissolvable.  I should have done this before, if only I knew.

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A nose suspension is ideally suited to a patient who already has good bone structure but would like to make subtle adjustments to the nasal tip.  
Patients with longer nose profile may benefit from this surgery as well.

This is a short surgery performed in the office under local anaesthesia and takes around 15-20 minutes to perform.  No visible scars are left and the special dressing covering the dorsal of the nose will be removed after 5 days.  The healing process should be complete within 3 weeks.

A subtle and minimally invasive solution
from the expert mind of Dr. Tiryaki

Nose Suspension with Dr. Tunç Tiryaki

After a comprehensive nasal and facial examination, Dr. Tiryaki will discuss with you different alternatives

to improve the shape and function of your nose and breathing. You will together choose the best option suited

to your particular desire and need.

How is a Nose Suspension performed?

Before surgery, Dr Tiryaki will use 3D imagery to demonstrate the expected final result.

Nose suspension is a minimally invasive procedure in which the nose tip is lifted and held in place using small sutures. Comparable to the application of a plaster cast to a bone fracture, the sutures support the tissues until they heal and retain the new position. Unlike many traditional techniques, this procedure is carried out through tiny holes created by double-tipped needles, so the procedure involves no incisions and results in no scars. The new nose shape must be protected for a few days with the use of a paper band dressing. It is uncommon for there to be any swelling or discomfort associated with this procedure.

The image below demonstrates the vertical lifting of the nose tip using the nose suspension technique.

Who should consider the Nose Suspension?

For anyone who suffers from a long nose or a drooping nasal tip, this procedure can yield excellent results.  The tip of the nose is effectively lifted and subtly reshaped to create a more aesthetically pleasing profile.

How long is the recovery after a Nose Suspension?

The healing period, during which the dressing must be kept in place, is about five days.



The following guidelines apply for all types of surgery
•You should stop using all kinds of blood thinners.
•You should stop smoking within two weeks following the operation. You should not do any activities that will increase blood pressure.
•You can return home the same day.
•There will be minimal incisions and no visible scars.
•The minimum age should be at least 18 years old.
•You can have mild to moderate pain after the operation, so you can use simple painkillers.



As with all surgical procedures, patients must abstain from taking blood thinners and limit both alcohol consumption and smoking as much as possible. Ideally, a patient should abstain entirely from smoking and drinking alcohol in the last couple of days preceding surgery.

A nose suspension takes around 15 to 20 minutes and is performed in the clinic under local anaesthesia. You can return home the same day.

Patients can return to daily activities in about two to three days. In order for the nose to keep its reshaped form, the dressing covering the nose should be kept in place for four to five days. Special care should be taken to avoid any impact on the nose after the operation. As a precaution, blood thinners and any foods or products that might cause allergy should be avoided. The healing process should be complete within three weeks. As with all surgical procedures, you should stop smoking for the duration of the two weeks following the operation, and you should not participate in any activities that will increase blood pressure.

Since this procedure does not involve the bone, pain should be minimal. Any mild to moderate pain experienced can be relieved by simple painkillers. Patients do not usually experience swelling.

The procedure involves tiny access punctures, not incisions, so it will leave no scars.

As for all surgical operations, we recommend that the patient wait to undergo surgery until the body has completely developed. Nose suspension candidates should generally be at least 18 years old.

A nose suspension does not involve the nasal bone in any way.

The nose will return to its original form if the sutures are removed within two weeks of the operation. After that point, no dropping or collapsing will occur even if the sutures are removed.

The patient will see the reshaped tip of the nose immediately after the operation.

The operation does not require the use of splints. A paper band dressing must be worn for four to five days in order to protect the shape of the nose during post-operative healing.

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+44 20 4577 3393

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+90 212 282 95 95

Vişnezade, Acısu Sokak No:16/1, 34357