French Lips

French Lips

As with all other organs our skin changes with time. Progressively we loose our facial fullness and sharpness.

‘’French Lips’’ Treatment

The lips are maybe the most important part of a woman’s face. They show your emotions, share your expressions and radiate your mood. They represent attractiveness, personality and youth. As with all other organs, our lips change with time. Theybecome thinner, lose their contour and hydration. The ‘’French Lips’’ treatment is a very natural way for restoring the volume loss, rehydrating and reshaping the contours, without any unnatural appearance.

 What is the ‘’French Lips’’ treatment?

Our treatment consists of injecting a soft hyaluronic acid gel (HAG), to define the contours, to smooth fine lines around the lips, and rehydrate the lips. The HAG we are using in ‘’French Lips’’is a safe, biocompatible, absorbable, reversible and hydrating, gel, which is used in the lips and the face for long time to create refreshed, natural-looking results.

 How is ‘’French Lips’’ done?

In the beginning, you will have a detailed discussion and diagnostic examination of the lines and areas to be treated by Mr. Tiryaki. Once the treatment is decided we will start with an anti-septic cleansing and then apply an anesthetic gel to make the your treatment painless. Your treatment will be carried out using a specific technique of Mr. Tiryaki with painless micro-needles.

The injections will take around 10 minutes and we will use a special gel to prevent bruising following the procedure. After the treatment you can immediately continue with your schedule for the rest of the day, as ‘’French Lips’’will not cause any major swelling or side effect.

‘’French Lips’’ treatment offers you an immediate, non-allergenic and long-lasting result on your lips, which will be reabsorbed after around four to eight months.

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