Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Natural looking breasts in perfect proportion with your figure.

“Natural looking breasts in perfect proportion with your figure.”

Breast Augmentation has advanced significantly in the last 10 years with improvements in surgical techniques and the range and quality of silicone implants.

Dr Tiryaki will guide the patient using 3D imaging to select the ideal implant size and type for their body type and shape. The outcome will be a perfectly proportioned breast.

Breast Augmentation is performed under general anaesthesia and in most cases patients can return home the same day. The procedure will take between 60 and 90 minutes to perform and some scarring will remain visible on the underside of the breast.

How is the operation performed?

There are many reasons that women seek breast augmentation from congenital problems to post pregnancy shape changes (due to breastfeeding) and sometimes the patient is just in search of the perfect pair.

Whatever the reason, breast augmentation can restore confidence and self-esteem and have a very positive impact on the life of the patient.

Depending on the reason for surgery there are two different methods that can be used for breast augmentation.  The first is to use the patient’s own fat to add volume and natural shape and the second (and still the most popular) is to use implants.

Today the range of implants available to the surgeon is much broader and silicone implants are softer and more durable than ever before, enabling a skilled surgeon like Dr Tiryaki to achieve a natural looking outcome.

During the consultation process Dr Tiryaki will discuss the type of implant required for the best outcome and also demonstrate (using 3D technology) how the breasts will look post-surgery.  It is important to note that the placement of the implant and the type of implant used can alter the outcome, so the consultation process is extremely important.


It is also important to note that the breast itself is never incised so that the full functionality of the breast is retained for future pregnancies, including the ability to breastfeed.

Guidelines for surgery

The following guidelines apply for all types of surgery

  • Use of all blood thinners should be stopped (under guidance from Dr Tiryaki)
  • Smoking should stop from the date of the operation until 10-14 days after the treatment. Any activities that will increase blood pressure should also be halted.
  • You will be able to return home on the day of your surgery
  • This surgery is performed under general anaesthetic
  • Some scarring underneath the breast is to be expected, over time this scars become much less visible and are hidden beneath the fold of the breast
  • Implants are considered to be for life and do not need to be removed even for future pregnancies and the implant does not interfere with the functionality of the breast
  • Any post-operative pain felt is usually mild and can be managed using simple painkillers. Any discomfort should subside within a few days.
  • Patients can begin to shower after 2-3 three days (once the initial dressings have been removed)
  • Some bruising and oedema is to be expected
  • A support or sports bra will need to be worn for at least three weeks after surgery, and Dr Tiryaki will advise the patient of the most suitable type
  • In depth research has shown that the use of breast implants does not increase the risk of breast cancer in any way

Frequently Asked Questions

We always recommend patients have a breast ultrasound before a breast augmentation operation. Patients should avoid using blood thinners such as aspirin and painkillers containing ibuprofen and flu medicine for at least one week before surgery. It is also recommended not to consume substances known as blood thinners such as Vitamin E ginseng, green tea, herbal teas and flax seeds. Patients should stop smoking at least one week before surgery.

The scars become nearly invisible in time, particularly with the submammary approach.

There is no need to stay in the hospital after a breast augmentation surgery. It is recommended to use sports bras for 3 weeks after the surgery. Mild pain can be experienced but this can  be easily controlled by simple painkillers. Ae patient may have the surgery on Thursday and start taking showers on Saturday, go to work on Monday and after another week  she may start to do light exercise. The sutures are dissolvable so do not need to be removed. There may be swelling, numbness in the nipple and slight bruising in the early days, but these symptoms will disappear shortly.

Breast augmentation surgery does not prevent breastfeeding since the procedure is performed without coming into contact with the milk glands and ducts.

The Life-Time Dual Plane silicones that we use with their new technological advancements can last for life and there is no evidence of wear, tear or deformation over this time.


A lot of international research has been conducted on this issue for years. As a result of these researches, it has been proved repeatedly that breast implants do not increase the risk of cancer in any way.

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