Dr. Tunç Tiryaki – CV

”The idea of creating a new science for every patient each time made me a plastic surgeon”

MD. Tunc Tiryaki, Director of the Humanitarian mission and international aesthe- tic surgeons association (ISAPS) is considered to be one of the best plastic surgeons in the world.

Tunc Tiryaki is also the founder of ISAPS – LEAP. An emergency team set up specialising in the intervention of global disasters.

He also wrote a wrote book in international medicine and is the first Turkish surge- on in Turkish medicine history to do so.-

MD. Tunc Tiryaki, has for many years focused on stem cell studies. He is also a pioneer in regenerative surgery together by being the first to apply mini face lifts supported by stem cells and micro lifting.

His Techniques

With a technique he developed and named after himself, the patient bears no pain during the healing process. He developed and applied a faster technique for abdonimal stretching in comparison to current techniques. He attends many conferences globally and has a workshop that illustrates this technique.

‘Inverse Abdominoplasty’ is a term commonly referenced to by plastic surgeo- ns from his aptly named book MD. Tunc Tiryaki for abdonimal stretching.

MD. Tiryaki is a consultant and instructor to many silicone implant brand names and with breast aesthetics applies a very short procedure resulting in life long permanent and natural implants with his operations.

A painless and fast natural face lift procedure that does not require general anesthesia ‘the mini lift procedure’ is favored by many patients globally and is one the main reasons why they choose MD. Tunc Tiryaki in Istanbul and London.

The stem cell applications on plastic surgery which he has started with his father, Prof. Dr. Demir Tiryaki, has made him one of the numbered authors of the World.

Special Studies

MD. Tunc Tiryaki who has won an award of “Best Publication” prize at World Aesthethetics Surgery Congress established at Melbourne, at 2008, is also the founder of ISAPS LEAP immediate aid.

MD. Tunc Tiryaki is applying his patented “Eternal Youth” Notion with his successfull stem cell studies not only in Turkey but also in United Kingdom.

MD. Tunc Tiryaki attracts notice fort he storage ability of the stem cellsderived from fat tissue, also adds: “I brought this technique to United Kingdom with my team.

From now on, we have the ability to store the stem cells derived from our patients. Hence, the stem cells can be used at any older age with the efficiency of the age they have been dericed in order to become younger as well as cell regeneration.

Hence the patient protects his young and fit look. Of course, we may use the stam cells at the areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery requirements as well as we use them for anti aging.

For example; knee, tissue loss at breasts, wounds and other headlines that require tissue healing. The stem cell therapies put a smile on our faces.”

“Science is side with using cellular technologies anymore”

MD. Tunc Tiryaki was born at 1969. After he has graduated from Alman Lisesi, he has finished his education at IstanbulUniversity Medical FAculty with a high degree.

He has started his expertness on Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery branch at where he has graduated from at the year 1994.

Tiryaki is very well kown with the techniques that he has invented on plasticsurgery and passes USMLE United States Medical Licensing Exams succesfully. He has also wprked at New York UniversityPlastic Surgery Branch.

Tunc Tiryaki who is also a professional photographer has bot under and above water shootings published at international magazines and televisions.

MD. Tunc Tiryaki who is married to Sylvia Tiryaki and father of one child, is also an experienced diving instructor, mountaineer and yardman.