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    The Best Decision He is a genius. I had tummy tuck, breast reduction and lifting all at same operation. When I was told that I would have minimum pain I didn’t wanna believe it, but after the operation I couldn’t believe that there was minimum pain and discomfort. Also before the op the doctor and his assistance were very patient answering all my questions and easing my worry. Great team. I can say that it was...

  • KateG82 Avatar

    Simply 5 Star I’m so happy after my recent procedure at Cadogan Clinic . I have to say Dr Tiryaki is an amazingly skilled doctor. Him and his team were so professional, helpful and super friendly. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Big thanks , Kate G

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    Best in Class Doctor, Before and After Care with Most Natural Outlook Mr Tiryaki is best in class. I am 48. Everyone was telling me to wait for the operation and have the full lift. I followed Mr Tiryaki’s online presentations and book a consultation. He recommended me mini lift with some fat injections for natural results. I was worried about the marks. Made my research online and there were some horrid stories and pictures. I had the full support from Mr T...

  • xsenia Avatar
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    So Far So Good! I’m 35 and 6 weeks post op - so far I couldn’t be happier with the results. So natural and my youthfulness has been completely restored. I only wish I was more prepared for how bad my face will look straight after the procedure (it was a lot worse than I could ever imagine, but it could just be me, and not a general effect) which caused me a great deal of stress and anxiety for the first 2 wee...

  • dragon8883 Avatar

    I Was Scared of Liposuction I was afraid of liposuction, friends had bad experiences; extremely painful recovery, unwanted (terrible) results, etc It’s been one week since I had surgery and I am very pleased. For starters, the recovery wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, took the antiobiotics and painkillers prescribed, needed shop bought paracetamol for one more day and that was it. Regarding the res...

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    Ever Self

    Could not have asked for more - brilliant and honest surgeon! I could not have asked for more. From the second I met Dr Tiryaki I knew I was in safe hands. Unlike so many other surgeons I had seen (and I had seen quite a few!!) Dr Tiryaki was the only one who suggested not having a full rhinoplasty and that I only needed the tip refined. I am a month in after and could not be happier with the results - it is actually better than I thought possible. If...

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    I had an amazing experience with Dr. Tiryaki I trust Doctor Tiryaki so I didn’t have worries about the operation. In the hospital everbody was good at their job. The operation was painless although I had 3 surgeries at the same time. Thank you to my Doctor Tunç Tiryaki and his team.

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    The Most Wonderful Doctor He is most definitely a wonderful doctor. He knows his stuff so very well. I’m so happy that I met him and did my Mini FaceLift surgery with him. I would highly recommend him to everyone! I will give him 5*

  • Capucine52 Avatar

    My mini facelift and neck lift operation went smoothly My mini facelift and neck lift operation went smoothly. I left the hospital with minimum swelling and bruise. My recovery was complete after two weeks and I travel overseas for work. After seven weeks I fell I gained 15 years and got my self confidence back. Best part is my friends and colleagues attributed the change to a restful holiday. Some thought I had Botox. Thank you Dr. Tiryaki. I am...

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    I am very thankful to Dr. Tunc Tiryaki and his marvelous team I recently had a abdominal hernia and abdominal stretching operation perfectly performed by Dr. Tunç Tiryaki. I had minimum postoperative pain than I expected. Dr. Tunc Tiryaki and his whole team was very kind and professional to maintain maximum patient comfort to speed up the heeling period. I am very thankful to Dr. Tunc Tiryaki and his marvelous team.