Stem Cell Treatment / Neck-Chest

Stem Cell Treatment / Neck-Chest

“Your neck and chest area will go back in time with your own cells.”

What does it do?

Treatment reduces wrinkles and sagginess, volumising and stretching the aged skin around neck and chest area.

How is it done?

It is done in a clinic under local anaesthesia. The patient easily returns to daily life right after the procedure. No rest is needed.

How long does it take?

It takes 10 minutes to derivate the sufficient amount of fat for the procedure from the patient, another 40 to 60 minutes for these fat blocks to be stem cell enriched and 10 minutes to be applied on the neck and chest. Basically, the procedure takes an hour to an hour and a half.

Should it be repeated and in what frequency?

It is possible to enhance the durability of the effects with add-on procedures after application of the stem cell treatment on the neck and chest. Repeating of the procedure will not be necessary.

When do we see the results?

Obvious effects on the neck and chest areas show up one month after the application and continue as the stem cells renew.

What are the reasons for aging of the neck and chest?

The reasons for aging on these areas is both genetic and due to extrinsic factors. Sagging on the skin, fine lines, change of colour, loss of elasticity and tissue are the natural effects of time. Apart from that, genetic factors, dietary habits, effects of the sun, smoking and alcohol consumption and even sleeping positions can impact on the way skin visibly ages. These symptoms manifest even earlier in Caucasian people and people with dry skin.

How is stem cell treatment applied on neck and chest areas?

Local anaesthesia is applied on the area where the fat will be derived. The sufficient amount of fat is collected using thin cannulas from the area fit for fat-derivation. The fat is then processed in certain ways to be separated from its stem cells. The necessary amount of stem cells are injected on the neck and chest. Results are permanent and natural.

What are the after-effects of the procedure?

After the stem cell treatment on neck and chest area, the renovation speed of the skin accelerates. The injected cells, by helping the collagen-synthesis, restore the skin. The skin looks younger and more vibrant. The fine lines fade away and a visible decrease in deep wrinkles is achieved.

Who are the ideal candidates for stem cell treatment for the neck and chest areas?

The skin on the neck and chest areas lose their original complexion for various reasons and lose collagen and elastin fibres causing maculation and loss of elasticity. These impacts can appear on the neck and chest earlier than other areas of the body. Stem cell therapy is a natural and durable treatment for people with these symptoms, reverting the skin back to a more youthful time.

What are benefits of stem cell treatment on neck and chest?

A permanent healing of the skin, decrease in wrinkles, suppleness and volume is achieved after treatment. This is one of the safest methods applied on these areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most important reasons for maculation is the sun. Many alternative treatments are provided for healing sunspots. Stem cell treatment is one of the most effective and safest treatments available for this problem.

Fine lines are totally removed after the stem cell treatment.

It is not a recommended treatment for jowl removal. A permanent result can only be achieved by a surgical operation for this issue.

Since stem cells are applied on the skin with a tiny injector, no scars are left.

Time of year is not an issue for this treatment.

It is possible to achieve visible results on freckles with stem cell treatment on neck and chest areas when combined with add-on therapies.

Because of the fat derivation procedure, treatment is not recommended during pregnancy. It is not recommended during the the breast feeding period either, since hormones are still elevated.

Pricing is determined after a detailed examination of the patient by expert medical doctors and varies case to case. Please kindly refer to our clinic for more information and an appointment.

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