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Stem Cell Treatment / Hands

Stem Cell Treatment / Hands

Reversing the effects of aging on the back of your hands is possible using your own cells.

Who is it for?

Tissue loss with the natural aging process causes sub-dermal thinning, creating a marbled look with sun damage spots. Stem cell treatment on the hands is for anyone who wants to reverse the effects of aging on their hands.

How is it done?

Treatment is carried out in a clinic by an expert team by applying local anaesthetic creams. The patient returns to daily life right after the procedure. No rest is needed.

How long does it take?

It takes 10 minutes to extract the sufficient amount of fat for the procedure from the patient, another 40 to 60 minutes for these fat block to be stem cell enriched and 10 minutes to be applied to the dorsum of the hand. Basically, the procedure takes an hour to an hour and a half.

Should it be repeated and in what frequency?

It is possible to enhance the durability of the effects with add-on-procedures after application of the stem cell treatment on the dorsum of the hand. It really is not a procedure to be repeated within short periods of time.

When do we see the results?

The effects are obvious one month after treatment. The positive effects continue as the stem cells renew themselves.

What are the reasons for hands to age?

Of all the areas of the human body, hands are one of the most used, most visible and most sensitive to external conditions. Over time, due to aging and with various extrinsic factors, such as the negative effects of the sun, the sub-dermal tissue decreases and the collagen structure weakens. These indications increase in time and the skin gets saggy resulting with wrinkles and spots.

How is the stem cell treatment applied on hands?

First, the necessary amount of fat is harvested from the patient’s body. The fat is then processed in order to separate the cells. Following this procedure, a local anaesthetic cream is applied on hands and the stem cells are injected via special procedure.

What are the effects of the treatment following the procedure?

After the stem cell treatment, the volume on the hand is replenished, the skin naturally stretches and is more supple. Spots and the marbled look on the dorsum visibly decreases.

Who are the ideal candidates for this procedure?

As well as patients with specific conditions, the ideal patients are those whose hands show the effects of aging.

What are benefits of stem cell treatment on hands?

The skin rapidly renews itself following the stem cell treatment on the dorsum of the hand via the stem cells injected onto the hand. The skin becomes vibrant and soft resulting in a younger and healthier look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences of stem cell treatment on the hand compared to volume restoration treatments?

Stem cell treatment on hands achieves more durable results compared to hyaluronic acid-based filler applications. This is due to the continuous renewing character of the stem cells that are injected to the area.

Is it possible to apply this treatment on allergic bodies?

Since the procedure uses patients’ own cells which are actually produced from their own body, processed and injected back, it involves no risk of an allergic reaction.

Is the result long lasting?

Since the stem cells continue the renewal process on the areas they have been injected, the results are permanent. 50% of the fat that is injected during the process is permanent for life.

Does it involve any pain?

After the application of an anaesthetic cream, the procedure is completed with small injections. Generally, no pain is felt.

Are there any scars left?

Since the stem cell is applied on the skin with a tiny injector, no scars are left.

Do the scars fade away completely?

The after-effects of the treatment vary depending on the reason and size of the maculation.

Does it change the skin colour?

Skin colour does not change although a more vibrant, smoother and stretched appearance is visible to the eye.

Does a healing occur in extremely dry skin following the stem cell treatment?

The skin’s moisture rate increases following a stem cell treatment and add-on procedures can also be used. The back of the hand becomes softer and smoother.

Does it remove the marble look?

The treatment repairs the damaged area and rejuvenates where it is applied. When supported with add-on treatments the results are more permanent and the effect is greater.

Does it result in hairing on the hand?

There have been no findings of a possibility of hairing on the hand.

Is it possible to apply this treatment on pregnancy or breast-feeding periods?

Because of the fat derivation procedure, it is not recommended during pregnancy. Treatment is not advised during the breastfeeding period either, while hormone levels are affected.

How much does the procedure cost?

Pricing is determined after a detailed examination of the patient by expert medical doctors and varies on the case. Please kindly refer to our clinic for more information and an appointment.

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