Stem Cell Treatment / Breast

Stem Cell Treatment / Breast

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“You can both get rid of your excess fat and have full and firmer breasts with stem cell application on your breasts.”

Breast Augmentation – Reconstruction

Stem cell treatment on the breasts removes excess fat and adds volume and vitality onto the breast area.

Who is it for?

It is applied on patients with enough fat tissue for breast augmentation or for breast reconstruction following breast cancer treatment where some or all the breast has been removed. Stem cell treatment has been used for breast aesthetics for years. It has its advantages compared to other methods, taking into consideration the healing process, the comfort and the aesthetic results achieved. Best results are achieved in patients with volume loss after nursing and cancer patients who have been through breast reconstruction surgery.

How is it done?

It is done in a clinic under general anaesthesia or sedation. Generally, the procedure does not need a recovery time in hospital.

How long does it take?

It takes 30 to 60 minutes to derivate the sufficient of fat for the procedure from the patient, another 60 minutes for these fat blocks to be stem cell enriched and 30 minutes to be applied on breasts. So, the whole procedure of breast augmentation or reconstruction takes approximately 2 hours.

When do we see the results?

The effects of breast augmentation or breast reconstruction with stem cells are visible right after the procedure. But 50% of the tissue applied melts and the permanent result can be achieved in one to one and a half months.

How is the stem cell treatment used in breast augmentation and breast reconstruction?

The human body has excessive fat tissue, containing millions of stem cells. Fat-derived stem cell treatment is a common procedure now for breast aesthetics. In this method, excess fat is derived an area or areas of the body and breast augmentation and breast reconstruction is executed. Durable and successful results are possible with this method when patients have enough excess fat in their bodies.

What are the effects of the treatment following the procedure?

It is possible to obtain very natural results in breast augmentations and breast reconstructions using the stem cell method. It is impossible to recognize the difference from the original breasts and totally scarless since there are no incisions and stitching. It is a highly satisfactory procedure for patients.

Who are the ideal candidates for breast augmentation using stem cell treatment?

Fat-derived stem cell breast augmentations are commonly used for patients who have lost some or all their breast due to cancer treatment – or those who require breast augmentation for other reasons. Durable and successful results are possible with this method when patients have enough excess fat in their bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

It does not prevent nursing. Tissue transplant is not applied on the mammary gland but on sub-dermal fat tissue, which does not affect nursing.

There is no minimum or maximum age limits. An expert medical doctor gives the final decision whether this treatment is suitable for the person or not.

Breast reconstruction can be executed after the cancer treatment is completed and necessary control procedures have been carried out.

Even though the normal aging process of the breasts decelerates it cannot prevent drooping totally.

If there is an asymmetry before the operation between the two breasts, this will be corrected in the procedure. If there had not been an asymmetry situation before, this will not change after the procedure.

Silicon operations are still the golden standard for breast augmentations although stem cell based breast augmentation is a good choice for patients in need of a fat disposal who expect a minimal additional volume on their breasts.

Usually the procedure does not require a hospital stay.

A comparative study on thousands of patients shows no risk of breast cancer on patients with tissue transplants.

The price of stem cell treatment is determined after a detailed examination of the patient by expert medical doctors and varies case to case. Please kindly refer to our clinic for more information and an appointment.


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