Blepharoplasty- What do our eyes say about us?

Blepharoplasty- What do our eyes say about us?

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, they are often what we first notice when meeting new people. With our focus on the importance of eye-contact, they are a part of us society is often watchful of. The eye as a source of beauty has a long tradition in art and poetry.

The eyes act as messengers, they can invite interaction through returning a gaze, or discourage it through aversion. Much of the meaning our facial expressions convey is determined by our eyes. People who seek eye-contact are often deemed to be honest and believable, the eyes reveal the truth of our intentions.

Sometimes we can become unhappy with how our eyes appear, ageing or genetic deformations can have a big effect on our confidence. Ageing can sometimes leave eyes looking permanently tired or stressed, which can then make us feel stressed whenever we look in the mirror. Skin over the eyes is the thinnest and often the first to wrinkle, making it one of the earliest signs of ageing.

Ageing isn’t something we have to accept, and blepharoplasty is one way to restore a youthful and lively expression. Helping you feel you again. Blepharoplasty is a surgery that dates to the ancient Greeks and Romans, however modern techniques were introduced more recently in 1998.

Blepharoplasty is most common with patients over 35, when the bones behind the eyes start to shift backwards. However, patients at any age can benefit if sagging has started to occur. The surgery focuses on the eyelids and can be performed on both the upper and lower lids. It removes excess skin from the eyelids, smoothing the underlying eye muscles, getting rid of wrinkles. The incisions follow the natural lines of the eyelids and are hidden between creases leaving no visible scars. Our eyes are important and central to us, so blepharoplasty can be key in restoring the face’s youthful expression. Unlike Botox and other temporary solutions, the effects of blepharoplasty are permeant.

Heavy eyelid drooping can occasionally impair vision, becoming more than just a cosmetic concern. This drooping can cause other issues including irritation, if excess eyelid folds rub together, or difficulties wearing contact lenses. A blepharoplasty can restore the lost sight-line and leave vision unobstructed.

The procedure takes only 20-30 minutes and can be performed under sedation or local anaesthetic. Patients return home the same day, resuming normal life after a day or so of rest. Blepharoplasty has one of the easiest healing periods, letting you quickly get back to the things you love.

Blepharoplasty alone is often enough to rejuvenate your appearance, but can deliver distinctly impressive results when combined with a face lift, or similar operations.

If you are interested in refreshing your appearance come and talk to us about the options.