Abdominoplasty – in search of the perfect mid-section

Abdominoplasty – in search of the perfect mid-section

If one had to choose one of Dr.Tiryaki’s specialist subjects, Abdominoplasty would certainly feature in the top three. Abdominoplasty surgery (or inverse tummy tuck), is a method that is ideal for people who have lost the elasticity of their skin and abdominal muscles.

Abdominoplasty produces astonishing results for patients who suffer mid-line herniation, often after a second childbirth. It may also be ideal for patients who frequently gain and lose weight, normally during pregnancy and who have excess skin and loosening of the abdominal area.

Mid-line herniation is when the muscles that form the ‘six pack’ separate along the mid line. The result of this is that the abdomen is no longer tight, and can appear distended or flabby. During the Abdominoplasty procedure, the surgeon accesses the muscle area and sutures the muscles together to build an inner corset – flattening and streamlining the whole mid-section.

What kind of surgery do you need?

We can define three types of people who are most eligible to undergo surgery on the abdominal area. If you fit into any of the following criteria and if a good diet and exercise have not been enough to reduce the size of your tummy, why not come and see us for a chat, as one of these tummy tuck procedures may be right for you rather than a full Abdominoplasty:

1.       You have good skin elasticity, no loosening in the abdominal wall but sub-dermal fat

Without loosening in the abdominal wall, you do not need to undergo Abdominoplasty or endoscopy. We can usually address the issue of fatty deposits simply using liposuction or laser lipo.

2.       Your skin elasticity is fine but your abdomen wall is enlarged.

This suggests that you may benefit from endoscopic surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon makes an incision of 3 to 4cm and carries out an endoscopy in order to repair the abdomen wall.

3.       You have an enlarged abdomen as well as loose, saggy skin

In this case, the surgeon will need to repair the deformed muscles via a mini or full Abdominoplasty – in effect creating an inner corset. The skin is then pulled down, any excess is removed and the skin is sutured neatly into place. If there is a lot of excess skin to remove, the belly button is usually pulled through a small incision in the skin and re-created to look entirely natural and inconspicuous.

No pain, no gain is no longer true

The beauty of the Abdominoplasty procedure is not just in the results. This is an entirely painless procedure. Today’s advancements in anaesthesia allow us to infiltrate the muscles and block the nerve endings with specialist painkillers so that patients feel no pain at all. In addition to this, our patients only need to spend one night in the hospital and can go home next day, taking into account our aftercare instructions.

Every patient is unique, come and talk to us and we can discuss your personal needs.

The book ‘Inverse Abdominoplasty’ is edited by Tunc Tiryaki, MD and is the first international medical book on this subject; it is published by Springer Verlag. In this book we discuss the special techniques of this operation in which patients obtain a full workout tummy without any pain.