Our evening at the Grace Clinic, Belgravia.

Our evening at the Grace Clinic, Belgravia.

After a couple of days of hands-on training in Istanbul, we flew back to London early this week to host an evening of Champagne, canapés, talks and informal discussion at The Grace Medical and Wellbeing Clinic in Belgravia. We were happy to have some key members of the team at hand to meet an excellent turnout of guests (largely female but pleased to see some males too). Thanks to ALL who both came along and contributed, not least to the clinic itself.

The evening itself was largely dedicated to our exciting stem cell treatments. What makes this treatment so interesting to us is its versatility. Stem cells can be used to treat a whole range of medical and cosmetic needs from hair shine to more extreme treatments such as breast reconstruction post traumatic cancer surgery. As a consequence, this rich use of stem cells in the cosmetic field is of interest to an unusually wide range of clients. With the constant medical innovations pertaining to stem cell treatment, it is also getting faster to carry out the procedures, it is pain-free and shows excellent results – even for patients who at times have felt their situation was hopeless. Our great results with stem cell surgery really has become our calling card. Why not take a look at our two earlier blogs on stem cell treatments, where you can find out about the procedure itself and the long term benefits it provides.

If you couldn’t make it to the evening on Tuesday, don’t worry, we will have more events coming up soon, particularly as we settle into our London clinics (and spruce up our website and ramp up our social media). Already we are able to offer a wider range of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery treatments to the UK market from skin enhancing treatments to laser lipo and more.

Our journey from Turkey to London continues to be an exciting one, and we hope you’ll join us as we continue to expand. We are happy to have found our beautiful clinic in London, in an area of London renowned for its quality and top end medical expertise. We are always available to talk about YOU – so do get in touch and arrange a consultation where we can discuss your needs and show you the options open to you, whether this be stem cell treatment or any number of alternatives.

Our mission is to provide surgery options that are as non-invasive as possible, that provide naturally beautiful results and our focus is very much on the quality of our work and the needs of our patients. We look forward to welcoming you through our doors.

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