Our pioneering stem cell treatments

Our pioneering stem cell treatments

Stem cells commonly come from two main sources: from embryos formed during the blastocyst phase of embryological development (embryonic stem cells) and from adult tissue (adult stem cells).

Stem cells are incredibly important as they have the ability to develop into all manner of different cell types in the human body during a lifetime. Because of this remarkable potential, they also have the power to serve as a repair system inside the body, dividing and replenishing cells in the body for as long as our hearts keep on pumping. Every time a stem cell divides, the new cell has the potential to either remain a stem cell, or, according to your body’s needs, it may shape-shift and become a different type of cell altogether – complete with entirely new functions. One day stem cell, next day muscle cell, brain cell or even a red blood cell. Stem cells are amazing – they’re the A-list celebrities of the human body.

As well as having the ability to divide and shape-shift, in some organs, stem cells are able to repair and replace worn out or damaged tissues – making them particularly exciting in the realm of cosmetic and plastic surgery. It makes sense. Scientists specialising in plastic and cosmetic surgery are always fighting to combat the signs of age – and stem cells fight that very same cause.


Isolating stem cells and injecting them into patients for various treatments is one of the biggest developments in the history of medical science. For over 20 years, bone marrow has been used in all stem cell treatments, but for the last 8 years, fat tissue has increasingly been an alternative source as it is rich in stem cells – and it is much easier to get hold of.

Our clinic is the pioneer in stem cell treatments in Turkey. We successfully implement this technique and constantly see fantastic, natural looking results.


We have a number of stem cell treatments on offer. The following are particularly popular:

Removing lines and wrinkles on the face

Stem cell treatment on the face removes fine lines and wrinkles that form over time due to decreasing collagen and elastin fibres.

Improving saggy skin

Removing wrinkles is only one way to combat the signs of aging. Stem cell treatment can also counteract saggy skin – rejuvenating it and tightening it to provide a more youthful appearance.

Acne, scars and marks

Many people find that acne, scars and marks on their skin can affect their self and body confidence. Stem cell treatment has been proven to successfully treat acne and other scars and marks such as pigmentation.

Remove signs of aging on neck and chest

The neck and décolletage areas are prone to premature aging. The neck area is often left out of skincare regimes – only getting a look-in when it’s too late! The chest area however is prone to sun damage. To this end, both areas are prone to dermal and sub-dermal sagginess, wrinkles and spots – all of which stem cell treatment is proven to address.

Back of the hands

They say if you want to guess someone’s age, look at the back of their hands for a true indication. Not anymore! Stem cell treatment on the back of the hands is used for treating the ‘marbled’ look that appears with age due to tissue loss. It can also help with sagginess and sun damage spots.

Bring back your luscious hair

Stem cell treatment on the hair can prevent fragility and loss of hair as well as hair that is weak and dull – for a whole variety of reasons. Treatment can re-train the healthy and abundant hair structure back.

Repairing the body post-surgery

Stem cell treatment can be an excellent way to help reconstruct the breasts following breast cancer treatment.


In order to extract the potent stem cells from the fat, we first need to extract the fat itself. We do this using a local anaesthesia or sometimes sedation, depending on the treatment. The amount of fat required will also depend upon the treatment.

Once the fat is extracted, the stem cells are separated from the fat block in a laboratory. The cells are then injected back into the body using a specialist procedure.

Breast augmentation or reconstruction needs to be carried out in a hospital since the procedure is done on sedation or general anaesthesia. On the other hand, stem cell treatments on hair, hand, face and neck-chest areas can be applied with local anaesthesia in a clinic.

Note that this treatment is extremely safe, but must be carried out by an experienced and expert team.


Because this treatment uses the body’s own cells, there is no risk of rejection, allergy or other undesirable reactions. The treatment is also quick, there’s no lengthy rest time and it is pain-free. Finally, the results themselves are both excellent and durable.

Stem cell treatment is our specialist area and we are proud to lead it and share our unparalleled results. Come and talk to us if you think stem cell treatment may be for you.

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