Non-Surgical Nose Filler

Non-Surgical Nose Filler

Revolutionary technique of Mr. Tiryaki for nonsurgical nose-job, no anesthesia, immediate reshaping of your nose with a suspension in the office

Medical Rhinoplasty

This procedure is ideally suited to a patient who is looking for very subtle changes of their nose. A patient with a slight hump or imperfect profile may benefit from this simple procedure.

This is a filler injection performed in the office and takes only few minutes.  No scars are left and no dressing is needed.  You can usually go back to your work right after the injection

Who will benefit from this procedure?

If you suffer from a minimal hump or slight asymmetry, as well as problems related previous rhinoplasty, this procedure can help you by filling the gaps and create a smoother profile.

Can I visualise the outcome before surgery?

Yes, Dr Tiryaki will use 3D imagery to demonstrate the look that can be achieved after the injection.

Guidelines for injection

  • Use of all blood thinners should be stopped (under guidance from Dr Tiryaki)
  • Any activities that will increase blood pressure should be halted the day of the injection.
  • You will be able to return to yoru daily activities right after the procedure
  • In the unlikely event of light swelling or bruising, you can be confident that these symptoms will fade away in few days
  • If you have unusual pain, whitening or blistering of your nose, you shall contact Dr Tiryaki

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