Revolutionary technique for less-invasive facelift, no anesthesia, scarless, immediate repositioning of contours for a natural, younger look. Not a tread lift

“Turn the clock back 5 years on your face in just 20 minutes. This can be achieved by an easy procedure only under local anaesthetia.”

Micro Lift

The Micro Lift is the lightest and least invasive of all of the facial procedures and is recommended for patients between 40 & 50 years old with limited skin sagging.

The procedure is usually takes between 20 and 45 minutes to complete and is conducted without the need for a general anaesthetic, instead patients are sedated and a local anaesthetic is used.

Importantly, this procedure uses very small incisions and leaves no visible scarring.

Recovery times for the Micro Lift are relatively quick with most patients making a full recovery within 7 days. If any discomfort is experienced, this can be easily managed using simple painkillers.

Who is the Micro Lift for?

The Micro-Lift is most suitable for people who have a slight sagging in the mid-face, but not enough sagging to require a face lift surgery. Most suitable patients are over the age of 35 and feel that the look at least 5 years younger after the procedure.

How does it work?

Without the need for incisions and with a short recovery time, the Micro Lift is ideal for most people between 35 and 50 who need only subtle adjustments made to reverse the natural sagging that has occurred.

We recommend that you watch the video below in order to see how the procedure works.

Guidelines for surgery

The following guidelines apply for all types of surgery
Use of all blood thinners should be stopped (under guidance from Dr Tiryaki)
Smoking should stop from the date of the operation until 10-14 days after the treatment. Any activities that will increase blood pressure should also be halted.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with all surgical procedures, it is recommended to stop using aspirin and blood thinners three weeks before the operation.

Micro-Lifting can be done under sedation and local anaesthesia or with local anaesthesia alone. The operation does not require any hospital stay, and the patient can return home a few hours after the procedure. Following the operation, there may be swelling in the area, especially over the first two days. The  area can be washed the day after the operation and moisturising and anti-bruise creams can be used.

The Micro-Lift operation does not create a new face, but simply restores the tissues that have deformed over time to create a naturally more youthful result .

Depending on the need of the patient, Micro-Lift operation can be performed in conjunction with other operations (eye lid operation, neck lift, fat injections, stem cell etc.).

If the Micro-Lift surgery is made on the neck and jaw line, discomfort can be experienced behind the ear for 1-2 days. This can be controlled using simple pain-killers. This sensation will completely dissappearafter this time

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