Dr. Tunç Tiryaki – Tatler

Dr. Tunç Tiryaki – Tatler

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‘If we want to make a patient look younger, we have to do two things,’ says Turkish-born Tiryaki. ‘Put the bones back into the correct place, and then simply elevate the skin.’ But when it comes to his face work, there’s little in the way of heavy lifting – instead, he uses fat. Unwanted stores are taken from areas such as the inner thighs or abdomen, then broken down (Tiryaki helped to invent the innovative Lipocube tool, which resizes fat to a super-fine consistency while preserving the all-important stem cells) before being injected on to areas of bone loss – such as the temples, cheekbones and tip of the nose. ‘Placing the fat straight on to the bone stops the face from looking heavy,’ he explains. ‘So it gives a more natural result.’ Next, the skin is picked up at the jawline, and suspended by means of two lengths of thread, which loop around the ear before being anchored in place for a scarless finish. Finally, the stem cells: a supercharged solution, which is injected into the dermis or epidermis (its rejuvenating effects can last for years). ‘It’s a beautiful procedure,’ says Tiryaki. His patients wholeheartedly agree.

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