Being Natural ..

Being Natural ..

When I say ‘natural’, I do not mean the features of a natural breast or how face naturally ages…

In fact, I would like to talk about a much deeper question, which eats us up inside, and we are all looking for an answer for this question. This is not only the question for every plastic surgeon and every patient visiting us, but for every soul…

What is actually natural? The biggest contradiction of plastic surgery or aesthetic interventions seems to be trying to achieve a natural youth and beauty by using unnatural methods. Beyond that, we try to protect this youth and beauty as long as possible, even without deterioration if possible. 

However, the general opinion is that it is not natural to have a perfect or nearly perfect beauty and physical harmony, and to approach with suspicion about maintaining this beauty and harmony for a longer time than other people do.

Maybe the natural thing is as follows: To be content with what we have, to accept our sides that we do not like and to continue to live with them… After having a child, we stay in the background and devote our lives to our family … We are just trying to be the best of our age; ‘Gracefully aging’, I am not sure whatever it means in today’s world…

So I’m against nature! I choose to follow the path of those heroes raised by human beings in fairy tales. People who do not obey the rules imposed by nature, rebel, oppose, stand up, pull their sword and fight to the end even if they know that they will lose…

What is natural to me is “not to accept the rules that nature imposes on me”

But are those who really make this choice alone? Isn’t it really natural? On the contrary, it is the most natural!

If we take a step back and think about it, all living beings in nature are trying to survive. I have never seen bacteria that stop fighting. Plants do not bow down to gravity. On the contrary, they fight against it and grow up to the sun. Perhaps what is even more interesting is that the gravity shows the path to upper part of the earth to the plants. All creatures of all kinds are constantly struggling to survive, trying to stay alive and fit, and protecting themselves.

When we consider the history of mankind, it can be said that it is a life and death struggle… How we define civilization is the war of intelligence, resistance and will against the rules of nature. This rebellion fire, which started in the steppes of Africa, enabled us to exceed the limits of our planet with the development of agriculture, civilization and technology.  Please think about it, where would we have been if our first ancestors had accepted everything imposed on them as they were?

It’s not our submissions that make us who we are. It is not our victories as well, but it is falling, getting up and fighting again. Again and again and again.

Then what is really natural is to fight against the rules imposed by nature. Moreover, this is exactly what nature expects from us. Our nature is searching and finding the better and the more beautiful.

Rage! Rage! Rage against the dying sun! That’s how Walt Whitman shouted…

We, plastic surgeons, no longer use swords in our own war, the scalpel and needle are the weapons we have. But ultimately, the goal is always the same: not to lose the war, to fight against aging and all kinds of diseases. Against the destructive forces of nature, as the constructive power of nature…

What is natural? Is it submitting to nature? Or fighting till the end to exist in your own way?

Stay healthy, stay beautiful, stay fit, stay natural!!!

This is our choice.

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