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Media Highlights of Mr Tunç Tiryaki

Mr Tunç Tiryaki, a leading figure in plastic surgery, has been featured extensively in top-tier publications and media outlets. His innovative techniques and expertise in aesthetic and regenerative surgery have earned him a prominent spot in the industry.

This page curates a selection of his media appearances, from insightful interviews to authoritative articles, showcasing his contributions to the field and the transformative impact of his work.

The Quest for Longevity

Mr Tunç Tiryaki explores humanity's quest for longevity, from myths to modern science. He traces the evolution from legends like vampires to regenerative medicine using stem cells and exosomes. Mr Tiryaki discusses lifespan vs. health span and the revolutionary potential of these innovations in anti-aging treatments, paving the way for healthier, longer lives.

Mr Tiryaki on Stem Cell Therapy

In this insightful video, Mr Tunç Tiryaki explores the revolutionary use of stem cells for reconstructing soft tissue problems and reversing facial bone deterioration. He provides a detailed look at a surgical procedure, showcasing the practical application of stem cell therapy in real-time. Witness the transformative potential of stem cells in regenerative medicine, enhancing both function and aesthetics.

Mr Tiryaki on Stem Cell Therapy

In this video, Mr Tunç Tiryaki shares his journey from a distinguished family background in medicine and military service to becoming a pioneering plastic surgeon. He discusses the transformative potential of stem cells in regenerative medicine and their revolutionary applications. This video offers a compelling look at the intersection of tradition, innovation, and the future of medical science through Mr Tiryaki's expertise.


Mr Tiryaki's groundbreaking work has been featured in numerous high-profile publications. Explore these articles to gain a deeper understanding of his contributions to plastic surgery.

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