Stem Cell Treatment / Face

Stem Cell Treatment / Face

A revolutionary, minimally invasive treatment using your regenerative cells from your fat to rejuvenate face, skin, joints without going under knife/anaesthesia

“Your face is renewed in the healthiest and most natural way with stem cell rich tissue injections.”

Stem Cell Treatments (or Cell-Enriched Facial rejuvenation)

Your face is renewed in the healthiest and most natural way with stem cell rich enriched tissue injections.

What is Cell-Enriched Cosmetic Surgery?

 For over 20 years, bone marrow has been used in all stem cell treatments, but for the last 8 years, fat tissue has been an increasing alternative source due to its numerous advantages.

Today, Cell-Enriched Cosmetic Surgery utilises the patient’s own fat and fat-derived stem and regenerative cells to regenerate the face.  As the fat and cells used are extracted from the patient’s own body, there is no risk of rejection and the results look and feel very natural.

 Who can benefit from this procedure?

 Patients seeking a natural way to rejuvenate their faces after changes due to ageing are the candidates for this treatment.

As the fat used in the procedure is harvested from the patient’s body, an adequate supply of excess fat is required.  Dr Tiryaki will discuss how and where the fat can be harvested with you during your consultation.

How is the fat harvested?

A mini-liposuction under local anaesthesia is used to harvest the fat and Dr Tiryaki will be able to explain the ideal areas for removal for your body.  The normal areas of focus are the stomach, hips or thighs.

The whole process, including the isolation process and transfer will usually take around one hour depending on the areas to be treated.

How can this procedure benefit me?

Stem cell applications on the face are both delaying and repairing the effects of aging. This treatment replaces the lost deep tissue volume of your face in a natural way, and also rejuvenates the loss of elasticity of your skin. These cells can also be used to treat acne scars.

How will I feel after surgery?

The overall treatment will last 1-2 hours.  After surgery, the areas used for harvesting (liposuction) will feel sore and bruised and there may be some swelling.  The reshaping of the harvested areas will recover quickly.

The areas in which the fat has been injected (grafted) will experience a small amount of swelling, but this will quickly subside and the results will appear to look and feel completely natural.

The full benefits of the procedure however will take 2-3 months to fully emerge.

Why choose Cell-Enriched Facial Rejuvenation?

Traditional alternatives to this procedure include implants, injectable fillers and lipofilling (also known as fat grafting).

Cell-Enriched Cosmetic Surgery produces the same outcome as these more established treatments, but with certain key benefits including:

  • Fat derived stem cells are biocompatible, easily available and accessible
  • Fat derived stem cell treatments produce natural looking, aesthetically pleasing results
  • There is no risk of rejection as the product is autologous
  • Stem cell treatment on the face remove fine lines that form over time due to decreasing collagen and elastin fibres
  • Might combine two aesthetically enhancing procedures in one treatment, liposuction plus soft tissue enhancement
  • Cell-Enriched Fat produces longer lasting more durable outcomes, avoiding repeat procedures required with traditional alternatives

What are the differences between fat-derived stem cell treatment and PRP?

PRP is the method where a certain amount of patient’s own plasma is put into a special tube, centrifuged and growth factors that are separated out of the blood cells are applied on the patient’s skin.

On the other hand, the fat-derived stem cells method is the injection of stem cells after liposuction of the fat from patient’s body and cultivating it with certain procedures to produce the stem cells that produce those growth factors continuously.

PRP treatment needs to be repeated in order to achieve some result. Stem Cell treatment is a one-time procedure. Depending on the area of application, add-on-therapies can increase the persistency.

Who is it for?

Stem cell treatment applications on the face is a method for both delaying and repairing the effects of aging as well as rejuvenating and repairing the loss of elasticity on the patient’s skin. This treatment can also be used to treat acne scars.

How is it done?

It is generally done in a clinic by an expert team under local anaesthesia or sedation. The patient returns to daily life right after the procedure.

How long does it take?

It takes 10 minutes to derivate the sufficient amount of fat for the procedure from the patient, another 40 to 60 minutes for these fat blocks to be stem cell enriched and 10 minutes to be applied on the face. Basically, the procedure takes an hour to an hour and a half.

Should it be repeated and in what frequency?

It is possible to enhance the durability of the effects with add-on procedures after the application of the stem cell treatment. It will not be necessary to repeat the application at least for a couple of years.

When do we see the results?

The effects on the face are obvious from one month after treatment and continue as the stem cells renew themselves.

What are the reasons for aging of the face?

Contrary to former beliefs, aging is not the result of skin sagging down but two arches; the arch of the cheekbones and the arch of the jaw, shrinking and drawing back. In other words, it is a descent of the whole facial structure. With stem cell application, what has been lost on the face is restored, the aging effect of time decreases, the skin looks more supple, glowing and youthful.

How is it applied on the face?

Local anaesthesia is applied on the area where the fat will be derived and a sufficient amount of fat is derived using thin cannulas. The fat then processed in certain ways to be separated to its stem cells. The necessary amount of stem cells is injected on the face taking into consideration the general appearance and anatomy of the face.

What are the effects of the treatment following the procedure?

The face brightens up and volumizes immediately after the stem cell treatment. In 1 month, the results are clearly visible. The patient has a younger, healthier and well-proportioned face.

Who are the ideal candidates for this procedure?

Face rejuvenation is one of the most common treatments in aesthetic surgery. Stem cell treatment on the face can be applied to anyone who is suffering the effects of age on the skin.

What are benefits of stem cell treatment on the face?

Facial tissues, similar to all tissues, decline, weaken and grow old during the process of aging. Weakening tissues and decreasing number of cells result in face tissues getting saggy. In suitable candidates, with a very simple procedure and without the need for surgery, the stem cell treatment resolves the tissue loss and anatomic deformations of aging and rejuvenates the face. During the procedure, both stem cells and tissues are injected on the face. The injected stem cells repair the skin regularly and the injected fat restores what has been lost over time, bringing back the younger features of the patient’s face – with minimal applications on the areas where possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The facial expression does not change after stem cell treatment. No mimic loss and change in the overlook occur.

Stem cell treatment is not a face-lifting method. Face-lifting is a surgical procedure done in a hospital. Stem cell treatment is a clinical procedure. It actually is a long-term investment on the face. The results are immediately seen and renewal is a life-long process.

When fat is injected as fat tissue, a big part of the tissue dies and the result is not very satisfactory – especially after a single application. But stem cells are more dynamic compared to regular cells and they adapt easily where they are placed and help rejuvenate the area they are placed in. That is the reason why stem cell treatment is perceived as long-lasting and more effective as a treatment.

Since a person’s own cells are applied on that person it can easily be recommended to every age group. Therefore, there is no minimum or maximum age limits for the stem cell treatment procedures. An expert medical doctor gives the final decision whether this treatment is suitable for the person or not.

The effect of the injected stem cells is life-long. At least 50% of the fat injected during the process is permanent.

There are no side effects. Also, no risk of allergy since it is an autologous procedure.

A visible healing on deep scars and a recovery on skin tissue is obtained following stem cell treatment on faces with acne scars.

Stem cell treatment replaces what has been lost. Consequently, stem cell treatment on the face is an alternative to filling procedures. The advantage here is that it is permanent. But it is not an alternative to applications since it does not have a feature of muscular relaxation.

Stem cell treatment can be applied to any area around the face including lips. Lips, as with other areas of the body, show the signs of aging by thinning in size. This makes lip procedures an important part of face rejuvenation after a certain age. Stem cell treatment on lips volumises the lips and repairs fine lines around them. This makes it a good alternative to lip filling.

Because of the fat derivation procedure, treatment is not recommended during pregnancy. It is not recommended during the the breast feeding period either, since hormones are still elevated.

Pricing is determined after a detailed examination of the patient by expert medical doctors and varies on the case. Please kindly refer to our clinic for more information and an appointment.

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